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10 Summer Must-Haves for Your Front End

10 Summer Must-Haves for Your Front End by Elements magazine |

May 27, 2015

Inside: Patients will come into your pharmacy this summer looking for common summer retail products. Make sure you stock up on these summer must-haves so you don’t miss out on sales.

Summer is almost here, but is your pharmacy ready? Help your patients get the most out of summer, by stocking the health and wellness products they need to protect and treat common summer ailments.

If your pharmacy isn’t already stocking the items patients will be looking for this summer, then it’s time to place an order. Otherwise, you might miss out on sales of key summer products, like sunscreen or itch relief cream.

Here are 10 must-have items for your pharmacy’s front end this summer.

1. Sunscreen

Stock a variety of high-SPF sunscreens. Include options for children and adults, and products specifically for face use. Consider carrying lotion with SPF for daily use. Make sure you stock enough sunscreen so you won’t run out, and advise patients about how often they should reapply and the best sunscreens for different skin types. 

2. Sunburn remedies

Be sure you have plenty of options for sunburn relief in your front end. Stock sunburn relief products that patients will be looking for including cold packs, witch hazel, bath treatments and aloe vera gel.

3. Lip balm

Be sure you have lip balm with UV protection stocked in your pharmacy. Remind patients to keep a tube with them at all times, so they can keep their lips protected and hydrated this summer. Advise them to have a tube for their car, work and home. Keep a display of lip balm near your drop-off, pick-up, and checkout counters to encourage last-minute impulse buys.

4. Hydration

Sunburn is often accompanied by dehydration, so offer hydrating products in your pharmacy this summer. Stock bottles of water in a small refrigerator and be sure to have Pedialyte®, or another electrolyte solution, available for patients with dehydrated children.

5. Sunglasses

If you have the space for it, add a rack of sunglasses in your front end. Keep it organized and stocked full of different options. Promote it with a sign encouraging patients to, “Protect your eyes and look good!” Consider adding a sunglass rack for children’s sunglasses and hang up a sign that advises people to, “Protect those young eyes!”

6. Allergy relief

Summer often includes hikes in the woods, camping and exposure to allergens that many people aren’t used to. Stock allergy relief products, and suggest patients pick up some over-the-counter allergy relief tablets before they set out on an outdoor adventure.

7. Itch relief

Your front end should feature a variety of general itch relief products. Consider providing several options for itch relief application methods such as sprays, creams or roll-on products. Add a sign on your itch relief display encouraging patients to grab one for home and one for travel. 

8. Poison ivy relief

Camping, hiking and other outdoor summer activities can expose people to poison ivy, so be sure your pharmacy has plenty of products to offer relief. Stock several options of poison ivy washes and creams, and be sure to tell patients about products you’ve found to work well.

9. Tick-remover

If your pharmacy is in an area with ticks, consider stocking tick-remover for people and animals. Advise patients to pick up a supply of tick-remover before they go hiking or camping, and to always have some on hand if they live in a wooded area.

10. Antibiotic ointment

Be sure your pharmacy is fully stocked with triple antibiotic ointments or cream products at all times during the summer months. Summer sports leagues and other outdoor activities ensure these products are frequently used during summer months. Advise patients to keep several tubes on hand so they have one ready in a travel emergency kit and at home.

Use this list to prepare your pharmacy for a successful summer of front-end sales. If you don’t have these items on hand in your front end, then it’s time to place an order.


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