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10 Tips to Market Your Pharmacy to Current Patients

10 Tips to Market Your Pharmacy to Current Patients by Elements magazine |

July 12, 2016

Your independent community pharmacy may devote a substantial amount of time to marketing and PR endeavors, such as social media, print advertisements or getting featured on the news.

But, who exactly is your pharmacy marketing to?

Are you focusing your efforts on targeting new patients, at the expense of your current patients? Your loyal patients may be even more important to focus on than gaining a new patient base, since loyal patients are the ones who bring the most revenue to your store.

Here’s a list of 10 tips to market your pharmacy to current patients, adapted from an article by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

1. Step up your social media game

Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter, use your pharmacy’s online presence to market to your current patients.

Your current patients are likely the ones who follow your active social media profiles in the first place, so get them in your pharmacy more often by posting relevant content consistently.

And, don’t forget to offer promotions just for your social media followers.

Consider investing in a paid Facebook advertising campaign. The social networking site is limiting the reach of unpaid promotional posts, so your patients may not see your content as often as they used to.

When you choose to create a paid campaign, Facebook’s targeting options allow you to market to your current Facebook fans, as well as to patient email lists whose email addresses sync up with their Facebook profiles. This can be very beneficial to your pharmacy’s efforts in staying top-of-mind with your current patients.

2. Promote your exceptional customer service

Your independent community pharmacy is likely known for the high-level of care and personal attention you provide to each and every one of your patients. Take that exceptional customer service up a notch by making loyal patients feel extra special.

Host customer appreciation events for current patients, such as a barbeque or an ice cream social. Or, let your most loyal patients have first dibs on trying out your new pharmacy delivery service.

3. Conduct questionnaires and surveys

If you’ve noticed a lag in returning patients, or if you want to take measures to keep your loyal patients, conduct a short questionnaire or survey.

Ask your patients what they enjoy about your pharmacy and what they feel you could improve on, or ask their advice on a new product or service they think you should introduce.

Not only will conducting surveys help inform you on how you can improve your business, you’ll also keep your pharmacy top-of-mind for your patients when they find your survey in their mailbox or inbox.

4. Collect data

Tracking data on your patients is a good idea to help you learn more about their wants and needs.

For example, gathering information on your patients’ buying habits can help you figure out which products and services to promote online to attract attention and get patients in your front door.

5. Implement a rewards program

Offering a loyalty rewards program for your patients is another way to market to them, and keep them coming back to your pharmacy.

When you reward patients with promotions or members-only deals, they’ll feel appreciate.

6. Celebrate special events

Whether it’s a birthday or an anniversary, celebrate the special occasions in your patients’ lives.

Long-time, loyal patients will appreciate the time you spend sending them a handwritten card or a small token gift. Bonus points if your pharmacy’s logo is on the card and gift. That way every morning your patients take a sip of coffee from the mug you sent them, they’ll be sure to think of your business.

7. Develop a blog

One way to showcase your expertise, and market your pharmacy to current patients, is by maintaining a blog.

A blog can educate your patients, emphasize your status as an expert in health care and direct patients to your website and your pharmacy.

8. Follow up with patients

Follow up with your patients to show your appreciation of their business.

For example, after a patient fills a prescription at your pharmacy, be sure to check up on him or her. Making a personal phone call will help market your pharmacy as the paradigm of superior customer service.

9. Leverage your reviews

Keep track of your pharmacy’s reviews on social media and on review websites. Be sure to respond to your current patients when they voice both concerns and praises of your business. You can do this on your pharmacy’s social media sites, such as Facebook with Facebook ratings and reviews.

10. Create a calendar

Regularly communicate with your current patients by creating a calendar of when to contact them.

Use a calendar to remind yourself of patients’ birthdays, when you need to mail out your pharmacy’s newsletter or when you need to update your pharmacy’s social media.

Keeping track of important deadlines will ensure you don’t forget your loyal patients.

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