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10 Ways to Promote Your Pharmacy On Small Business Saturday

10 Ways to Promote Your Pharmacy On Small Business Saturday by Elements magazine |

November 9, 2017

Show your pride for running a small business by taking part in Small Business Saturday on Nov. 25, 2017.

Participating in this day devoted to small businesses can give your independent community pharmacy extra exposure and potentially bring in new patients.

Small Business Saturday started as a nationwide promotional event sponsored by American Express in 2010. Set smack dab between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s a day meant for community members to get out, shop, and show their support for their local small businesses. And, you can’t beat extra publicity during the biggest shopping weekend of the year.

There aren’t any stipulations to take part. You just need to be a small business and open for business on Nov. 25.

Now in its seventh year, the event provides an easy way to advertise your pharmacy, especially to customers who may not know you exist.

Even if your pharmacy doesn’t have a huge front end, you can still participate. The day isn’t just about retail shopping. It’s about bringing exposure to small businesses—including yours.

Make the most of the day by spreading the word that your pharmacy is participating.


These Are The Best Ways to Promote Your Pharmacy On Small Business Saturday


1. Extend your hours

If you usually close your pharmacy early or don’t open at all on Saturdays, show your support by opening your doors for a full business day on Nov. 25.

2. Get the word out

Check with your city’s chamber of commerce or your local newspaper to find out if either one is promoting the event.

If so, make sure your pharmacy gets listed along with the other businesses in your town that are participating in Small Business Saturday. That way patrons will know to stop by.

3. Make your T.V. debut

Call your local news station to find out if they plan to do a segment on Small Business Saturday. If so, ask that they stop by your pharmacy for a quick one-on-one interview. Use that time to promote your pharmacy.

Also contact your local newspaper to find out if it will report on the event. Offer to serve as an interviewee for the piece.

4. Hold a giveaway or contest

Create a special promotion in your pharmacy for Small Business Saturday.

Giveaway or contest ideas for Small Business Saturday:


5. Hang signs

Attract customers by making your own promotional signage to hang in your pharmacy.

You can even use the Shop Small® Studio to create customizable marketing materials. You can make materials for your physical location, online shop and social media in less than two minutes.

Or, you can download ready-to-use materials right away.

6. Promote on social media

Post updates to your pharmacy’s Facebook page to remind customers that you’re participating in Small Business Saturday.

You could even give social media followers a freebie (hat, keychain, T-shirt, etc.) if they come in to your pharmacy on Small Business Saturday and mention your Facebook page.

Don’t forget to promote on Twitter also. Use the hashtag #SmallBizSat in your tweets to get more exposure.

Need help promoting on social media? The National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) has created free social media images to help pharmacies get the most out of the day. If you’re a member of NCPA, log in to download your free materials.

7. Advertise the easy way

Place brochures or flyers in patients’ prescription bags every day up until Nov. 25.

Use the flyers to explain what Small Business Saturday is and to promote any specials you plan to offer that day.

You could also include a list of participating businesses in your area.

8. Share the Shop Small® Map

American Express offers an online map of all businesses registered as participating in Small Business Saturday.

You can search for businesses by name or by zip code. The map also automatically populates participating businesses based on your location.

Share the map on your pharmacy’s social media pages to make it easy for patients to find you—and other local businesses.

9. Send an e-newsletter

If your pharmacy regularly sends an e-newsletter to patients, be sure to promote Small Business Saturday from now until Nov. 25.

10. Word of mouth

Let your patients know that you’re participating in Small Business Saturday when they come in to pick up their prescriptions.

Your loyal patients will likely spread the word and bring more exposure to your business.

Be sure to entice them to visit your pharmacy with the special promotions you plan to offer that day.

Get more foot traffic to your pharmacy when you participate in Small Business Saturday.


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