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3 Ways to Boost Employee Morale (and Productivity)

3 Ways to Boost Employee Morale (and Productivity) by Elements magazine |

August 20, 2015

Employees are your most valuable assets, and are key to improving your business and increasing profits.

Creating a comfortable, positive and supportive work environment for your employees will translate to better patient care and outcomes.

Here are three ways to bring out positivity and productivity in your employees, so they can better serve your patients.

1. Create a comfortable environment

Make sure your employees have a safe and pleasant workspace.

Consider adding live plants to your employees’ workspace to create a calm, pleasant environment. Greenery can even increase productivity by 15 percent, according to a study by the University of Queensland in Australia.

Having objects that aren’t for a specific work purpose, such as plants or art, enriches employees’ quality of life, according to the study. Not to mention, adding greenery will improve your indoor air quality.

Lighting also makes a big difference in the work environment. Natural light is always best, so take advantage of windows if your building has them.

Artificial lighting is often necessary, but lights that are too bright can cause eyestrain, trigger headaches and make it difficult to focus, while dim lighting can lead to drowsiness and decreased motivation.

So, strike a balance.

Utilize bright lighting for important workspaces, and allowing other areas to be dimmer. Also, don’t forget to ask your employees what they prefer.

2. Provide recognition and rewards

Employees benefit from positive feedback.

Ask patients how your employees are performing, and pass on their compliments. If your employees know they’re making patients happy, they’ll want to continue to provide that excellent service.

Surprise perks can be a boost to your employees’ moods too, and at a very low cost.

Bring healthy snacks to your store meetings, or occasionally provide lunch for your employees. If you notice that an employee is doing particularly well, let him know, and reward him with a gift card or movie tickets.

Establishing a reward system can also improve your employees’ morale by keeping them motivated, and eager to work toward little perks.

Set a list of goals to achieve, and establish rewards for employees who reach those marks. For example, the first employee to sell 10 of a specific item you’re promoting in your front end wins a dinner-for-two gift card.

3. Establish a sense of team and purpose

It’s important to consistently remind your employees that working for your pharmacy is more than just a job.

They probably didn’t become pharmacists or pharmacy techs just to pay the bills. They likely did it out of enjoyment of the career, or because they enjoy serving their community.

Engaging in community service can be a positive team-building opportunity. When your employees work together to create a special project or event—something other than their normal work duties—they’ll become closer and work better with one another. (Which means more pharmacy productivity!)

And, don’t forget events just for the fun of it! Rent a party room and invite your employees and their families for a company dinner, or have a mini field day with games for your employees and their kids.

Be creative—any activity that includes family and fun fosters a happier and tighter-knit staff.



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