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5 Local Businesses to Partner With

5 Local Businesses to Partner With by Elements magazine |

August 11, 2015

As an independent community pharmacy and small business owner, you know how difficult it can be to expand your marketing reach.

One way to boost awareness about your pharmacy and grow your business is to partner with other local businesses facing the same issue. When you work together, your promotions can reach more potential customers.

Here are five ideal local businesses to partner with, plus ideas for promotions to do with them.

1. Dentist’s office

Partner with a local dentist’s office by giving the office coupons to stick in its giveaway bags.

When the office staff hand out the standard baggie with a toothbrush and floss to patients, they’ll also receive a coupon for your pharmacy’s front end. Include a general coupon for your front end, or make it more specific, such as a percent off their next purchase of dental supplies at your pharmacy.

Thank the dentist’s office for its participation by posting a sign promoting the dentist’s services in your pharmacy. Place the sign on your pharmacy’s counter or near dental products in your front end.

2. Bank

Provide a local bank with lollipops to hand out that are the same flavors as the ones you offer in your pharmacy’s flavoring service. Ask the bank to hand out the lollipops to kids, and also provide the bank with flyers that include information about how your flavoring services can help make taking medicine easier for kids.

The bank will benefit from having a free gift to offer their customer’s kids, and you can promote the bank at your pharmacy, too. For example, when the bank has a promotion that requires people to sign up for a contest in person, like a giveaway, your pharmacy can be another location where they can sign up.

3. Gym

Partner with a local gym to promote your exercise-related front-end products. Give the gym a few essentials, like Icy Hot®, deodorant and pain relievers, which staff members can hand out to gym patrons. When they hand out these items, ask them to tell the recipient that the items are complimentary from your pharmacy.

Also, consider doing a cross promotion where your pharmacy becomes the official destination for health care supplies for the gym. Be sure to stock all the gym’s recommended brands. You could even create a special sports wellness section in your front end. If you do, be sure to put up a sign promoting the section.

4. Farmer’s market

Set up a booth at a local farmer’s market to appeal to health-conscious patients who are buying fresh, local produce. Recommend vitamins to supplement their already healthy diets, and talk about the natural products your pharmacy stocks.

Promote the farmer’s market at your pharmacy, too, by posting a flyer on your pharmacy’s bulletin board or stuffing your pharmacy bags with a reminder about the farmer’s market.

5. Area nonprofit

Partner with a local nonprofit and make that organization your pharmacy’s charity of choice. Host annual fundraisers for the organization or just collect money at your cash register for its cause.

By partnering with a local nonprofit, you can show support for your community, and attach your pharmacy’s brand to a good cause. You can even do events and educational outreach if you select a health-related nonprofit.

Reach out to these local businesses and start partnerships that will boost both of your businesses.



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