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5 Promotional Items to Give Out to Patients

5 Promotional Items to Give Out to Patients by Elements magazine |

February 10, 2015

Giveaways are a great opportunity to put your brand on something your patients will love—free stuff.

These items can help attract people to your pharmacy’s booth at health fairs and other community events, and they’ll remind patients about your pharmacy when they’re at home. The best giveaways help your patients reach their health goals, remind them of your pharmacy’s products and services, and serve a useful function in your patients’ everyday lives.

Consider going for something more unique than pens, stickers or magnets. Here are some ideas for branded giveaways.

1. Water bottles

Encourage your patients to stay hydrated by handing out water bottles that feature your pharmacy’s logo. This useful freebee is something your patients can use to keep track of how much water they drink, or it can be their companion as they hit the gym. This practical gift is a useful tool in your patients’ quests to live healthier lives.

2. Branded notepads

Consider handing out branded notepads to your patients. When they’re creating a shopping list and see your pharmacy’s logo at the top of the notepad, they’ll hopefully remember their health goals and buy healthy foods. Or, if they’re working on a to-do list, the notepad may remind them to pick up their prescriptions. Hand out this functional gift at health fairs or any other community events your pharmacy attends.

3. Measuring spoons or cups

Measuring spoons or cups are a good promotional giveaway for your pharmacy because they combine function and health. Your patients can use them in the kitchen to keep track of how much salt and sugar they’re eating, for example. And, handing out measuring spoons or cups is a good encouragement to cook healthy meals at home. These functional items have the potential to become a staple in your patients’ kitchens, and remind them of your pharmacy for years to come.

4. Soap

What better way to encourage hand washing than to give away soap? Order custom bars of soap that feature your pharmacy’s name and logo on the box or that are imprinted in the soap. If you order before cold and flu season, you can hand them out with each flu shot you give. Each time your patients see the bar of soap, they’ll be reminded of your pharmacy and how you’re helping to keep them healthy.

5. Pill organizers

Branded pill organizers are a great way to feature your pharmacy’s name, logo and information on an item related to your business. This promotional piece will keep your pharmacy’s information in front of your patients when they need it most. When your patients get low on a medication while filling their pill organizer, they’ll remember to call and order a refill. This giveaway can also help encourage adherence. Give this item to every new patient who switches his or her prescription to your pharmacy.



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