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5 Retail Products Your Pharmacy Can Repackage for Valentine’s Day

5 Products to Repackage for Valentine’s Day by Elements magazine |

February 7, 2017

Does your independent community pharmacy sell Valentine’s Day-themed products, such as chocolates, stuffed bears or greeting cards?

If not, don’t worry! You can still increase your front-end sales this February.

You may not realize it, but your independent pharmacy already offers an abundance of products that you can promote for Valentine’s Day.

And, because these are products you already offer, if you have products leftover, they’ll just go back to their original place on your pharmacy’s shelves to be sold at a later date.

Consider packaging these retail products—that your pharmacy already sells—for Valentine’s Day.

1. Vitamins and supplements

Vitamins and supplements are the perfect candidates for promoting heart health during February, especially for patients looking for a Valentine’s Day gift that’s more practical than your average flowers and chocolates.

“Choose supplements that you feel comfortable recommending to patients and prepare a ‘Valentines Gift to the Heart’ display,” Gabe Trahan, senior director of store operations and marketing at the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA), said in Profit Makers, an email with front-end tips for pharmacies.

Trahan suggested tying three bottles of a supplement together with a red ribbon and promoting the items as “90 Days of Heart Health”.

2. Natural and organic products

Natural and organic products are becoming increasingly popular among patients.

Package a few natural products together and market them for Valentine’s Day.

For example, put together a “Love is Pure” gift basket that includes organic shampoos, lotions, essential oils and teas.

3. Weight management products

Diet and exercise have a big influence on a patient’s heart health, and what better time to remind them than on Valentine’s Day?

Encourage your patients to live a healthier lifestyle this Valentine’s Day by promoting weight management supplements and fitness products.

Create a Valentine’s Day-themed display of these products, such as protein bars, protein powders and shakes, pedometers, water bottles and other fitness-related products. Be sure to also include information about healthy-eating habits and fitness tips.

4. Relaxation products

Everyone loves to be pampered and enjoy a little relaxation, especially for Valentine’s Day.

Promote the idea of de-stressing in your front end with products that are relaxing and make people feel good.

For example, assemble gift baskets that include bath salts, essential oils, lotions and candles. These products can be the key to anyone’s heart, whether it’s a girlfriend, a husband or a mother.

5. Beauty products

If your pharmacy sells beauty products, Valentine’s Day is a great time to capitalize on them.

Men who are looking for last-minute gifts for the ladies in their lives will appreciate your display of makeup, nail polishes or perfumes and body sprays.

Consider creating a manicure gift set that includes nail clippers, a nail file and nail polish color. Or, package a few different lip products together, such as a lipstick, lip gloss and lip balm.

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