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5 Steps to Build Your Pharmacy’s Online Presence

5 Steps to Build Your Pharmacy’s Online Presence by Elements magazine |

June 10, 2015

As a pharmacy business owner, you’re likely aware that an online presence is essential, but what may be unclear is how you can create one.

Developing a strong web presence for your pharmacy is an important part of growing your business. Current and new patients search for your pharmacy online, so if you don’t have an active online presence, you could be missing out on business.

Don’t let uncertainty deter you from using the Internet to promote your pharmacy. Start cultivating your pharmacy’s online presence today with these five simple steps.

1. Gather inspiration

Research how other businesses create an online presence, including your pharmacy’s competitors, other health care professionals, and businesses you respect outside the industry. Look at their websites, social media profiles and other online platforms. Make a list of things you like and take note of things that don’t work, or that wouldn’t work for you.

2. Create a website

Use your inspiration to create a foundation for your pharmacy’s online presence—a website. You can create your own or hire a professional to build a personalized website for your pharmacy. Be sure to include all your important information, like your address, hours and contact information, on every page so patients can easily go from your website to finding your pharmacy in real life.

3. Establish a social media presence

With many social media options for your pharmacy, it’s best to start simple. Begin by creating Facebook and Twitter profiles for your pharmacy. Invite patients to ‘like’ your Facebook page and to ‘follow’ your pharmacy on Twitter. Grow your online community by promoting your social media pages to patients when they come into your pharmacy.

4. Interact on social media

Once you create a social media presence, you need to participate regularly. Interact by answering questions, responding to posts and sharing content posted by other social media users. Interacting will make your profile more engaging, and you can use it as a way to promote your pharmacy’s services and health expertise. Just be sure you aren’t violating any health care regulations by revealing information.

5. Maintain all platforms

Regularly update your website and your social media platforms. Update your social media with new posts, photos and information. Keep your website fresh with new content by maintaining a blog, sharing health articles or posting health tips. Create a schedule with topics and ideas for content to post, so you always have something fresh to add to your website and social media profiles.

Use these steps and start creating an online presence for your pharmacy today.



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