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5 Volunteer Opportunities for Your Pharmacy

5 Volunteer Opportunities for Your Pharmacy by Elements magazine |

March 2, 2015

As an independent community pharmacy, helping your community is likely a core value of your business. Donating your time to your community shows that you care, and raises awareness about your pharmacy, too.

But don’t just settle for any volunteering activity. Maximize the time you devote to volunteer efforts by carefully selecting an opportunity that incorporates your health expertise, your passion for helping others, and that will also promote your pharmacy in the process.

If you give back to your community, your patients will want to give back to your business in return. Here are some suggestions for ways you can make a difference in your community while also raising awareness about your pharmacy.

1. Senior centers

Volunteer to give a talk at a local senior center. Help educate seniors about health topics they’re concerned about such as diabetes, cold and flu prevention or arthritis relief. This type of venue is a great place to donate your time while also promoting your services.

2. Health fairs

Participating in community health fairs can build your credentials as a health care professional, and these health fairs are also an opportunity to network with other health care providers in your area.  Sign up for a booth at these events and showcase how your pharmacy can help patients. Try to spend time meeting other physicians in your area and educating them about the services your pharmacy provides, too. (Learn more about putting together a successful health fair booth.)

3. 5Ks or fun runs

Volunteer to work the water stand at or to sponsor a 5K or fun run. These events attract people interested in health and fitness, and connecting your pharmacy to these types of events shows potential patients that you care about those things, too. These races usually also raise money or awareness about health issues in the community such as diabetes, heart disease or general health and wellness. Share brochures or flyers about the race’s cause, and educate patients about the related services and products that your pharmacy can provide.

4. Schools

Volunteering at your area schools is a great outreach opportunity. You have the potential to reach parents, teachers and students who can refer your business to each other. Give a talk to explain the importance of medication safety or why it’s important to take vitamins every day. You could also volunteer to sponsor a booth during a school carnival or sports event.

5. Hospitals

Consider devoting some time each week to volunteering at your local hospital. You can check up on your patients who are undergoing treatment. Often, just saying hello will make a difference in your patients’ day. Also, hospitals offer an excellent avenue to demonstrate your bedside manner. It’ll give you a chance to do what you don’t often have a chance to do at your pharmacy—to just sit, listen to and talk with your patients. This kind of personal service is what sets your pharmacy apart, and when you give your time to patients who are in need, they’ll appreciate the personal touch.



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