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Here Are the Best Ways to Improve Your Pharmacy’s Ambience

Here Are the Best Ways to Improve Your Pharmacy’s Ambience by Elements magazine |

August 30, 2017

Did you know that the layout, décor, and even the music playing in your independent community pharmacy influences how patients view your business?

Market research shows that environmental factors play an important role in consumers’ shopping habits.

Think of it this way. Would you want to buy from a store that has broken light fixtures and dusty shelves?

Neither would your patients.

Here are the best ways to enhance your independent community pharmacy’s ambience. With a few simple changes, you’ll create a better experience for your patients.

5 Ways to Improve Your Pharmacy’s Ambience

1. Update your décor

Your brick-and-mortar store represents your business. And, the environment you create in it either attracts or deters patients.

Features that influence pharmacy ambience:


For example, provide comfortable seating for patients to wait on their prescriptions. The wait will feel a lot shorter if patients wait in a relaxing environment. But poor lighting and hard seats will have the opposite effect.

Keep patients coming back with an inviting ambience. Make basic upkeep a a priority. Conduct routine cleaning and maintenance and update your décor when necessary.

2. Turn on the music

Even if patients don’t notice background music, it can affect their mood.

Slow-paced music relaxes patients. It may even make them linger in the store longer. While music with a fast tempo creates a rushed atmosphere.

The music played also affects your pharmacy’s image. Stay away from music that’s too loud or that some patients may find offensive.

And, since you likely serve patients of all ages at your pharmacy, choose music that will appeal to all ages.

3. Enhance with color

The color scheme in your pharmacy can influence patients’ perceptions of your business.

Colors affect people’s moods in different ways—without them even knowing it.

For example, blue invokes feelings of security or trustworthiness. While red energizes and excites.

Choose a color scheme based on how you want patients to feel when they enter your pharmacy. Stick to a general theme so patients aren’t overwhelmed by a lot of different colors.

You can also use colors that reflect your pharmacy’s brand to enhance your marketing efforts.

4. Think about layout

Grocery stores often place staples, such as milk and eggs, in the back of the store. Why? So customers have to wander to reach them. (And pick up impulse purchases along the way.)

Use the same idea to increase foot traffic to your pharmacy’s front end.

Place the pharmacy counter at the back of the space. Patients will have to walk past your front-end displays to reach the pharmacy counter, which may result in more purchases.

Make sure your pharmacy’s layout is easy to navigate. If patients can’t find what they’re looking for, or if they feel overcrowded, they’ll leave without buying anything.

5. Don’t forget the web

Your pharmacy’s online presence is as important as your brick-and-mortar store.

The design, navigation and information on your website can affect a patient’s decision to visit your pharmacy.

Make sure your website looks professional, includes key information about your pharmacy and offers quality content. You also need a user-friendly website that’s mobile responsive.

Use these tips to improve your pharmacy’s ambience and attract more patients.

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