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5 Ways to Market Immunizations at Your Pharmacy

5 Ways to Market Immunizations at Your Pharmacy by Elements magazine |

September 9, 2014

With back-to-school preparations revving up and flu season just around the corner, now is the time to focus on promoting immunizations at your independent community pharmacy.

As a practice that has skyrocketed in pharmacies over the past ten years, offering vaccinations and immunizations can increase revenue for your pharmacy and bring in more patients.

Often, the only obstacle to creating a profitable immunization service is awareness among your patients. Here are five marketing messages to raise awareness and interest in your pharmacy’s vaccine and immunization services.

1. We’re convenient.

Scheduling a doctor’s appointment can take days, or even weeks. Broadcast the convenience that comes with getting vaccinated at your pharmacy by offering to give vaccines or immunizations to patients while they wait on prescriptions.

2. The time is now.

Some vaccinations, like the flu shot, are completely seasonal or better-suited to certain times of the year. As students head back to school, many of which require vaccinations, try marketing how they can solve all their health care needs at your pharmacy. Periods of frequent travel, like the holiday season or spring break, can also be an effective time to market immunizations, since many patients get vaccinated before visiting foreign countries.

3. We’re experts.

Studies consistently show pharmacists are one of the most trusted professions in America. Highlight your professional expertise and trustworthiness to boost your vaccine and immunization services. Advertise your accreditation and how long you’ve been providing vaccines and immunizations.

4. You don’t need to suffer, and neither does your bank account.

While health insurance often covers flu shots and other immunizations, there’s a contingency of patients who pay out of pocket. These customers may routinely skip vaccinations because of the expense. Advertise cost-effectiveness to appeal to patients looking to save money.

5. Hassle-free and home in no time.

Many patients skip seasonal vaccines and immunizations because the process seems so involved. But at your pharmacy, the tedious appointment scheduling, long wait times and short business hours that come with visiting the doctor disappear. Market your flexible scheduling and short waits to attract busy families and young professionals.

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