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50 Signs You Might Be a Pharmacy Entrepreneur

50 Signs You Might Be a Pharmacy Entrepreneur by Elements magazine |

September 28, 2016

Not every pharmacy owner, manager or pharmacist has what it takes to build a business and make it grow. Your independent community pharmacy is successful for a reason. You’re unique. You’re an entrepreneur.

When you started out, you probably didn’t think of yourself as an entrepreneur. Maybe you worked for a national chain pharmacy and didn’t like what you saw. Or, perhaps you took over the family business. Maybe you still don’t think of yourself as an entrepreneur today.

But you are.

In independent community pharmacy today, you have to fight to keep the doors open. You face obstacle after obstacle. But you’re still doing it. You’re still opening the doors every day. Because you’re adapting. You’re diversifying. You’re taking what the industry throws at you and owning it. And that’s what makes you an entrepreneur.

If you still don’t believe it, consider these 50 signs you might be a pharmacy entrepreneur.

1. You’re anti-status quo.

You work diligently to make your pharmacy stand out from national chain and big box pharmacies by providing exceptional customer service.

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2. You’re confident.

Self-assurance is an important part of why your patients trust you.

3. You’re passionate about what you do.

You’ve known since day one of pharmacy school that working in a pharmacy is where you belong.

4. You’re a workaholic.

More often than not, you’re the first one in the pharmacy, and the last one out.

5. You enjoy being the boss.

You’re the owner of your own independent community pharmacy, after all.

6. You’re competitive.

You’ll make sure the new pharmacy around the block doesn’t affect your business.

7. You’re innovative.

You’re always looking for innovative ideas and for ways to adapt the latest industry trends to your business.

8. You’re rational.

For example, you won’t implement a new pharmacy service unless you know it will succeed.

9. You’re personable.

All your patients love you. Need we say more?

10. You’re an overachiever.

You exceeded in pharmacy school, and you’re successful in business.

11. You’re a self-starter.

Even if you took over the family business, you made it your own.

12. You’re imaginative.

That creative marketing campaign your pharmacy just had was all your idea.

13. You’re opinionated.

Your staff knows exactly what’s required of them.

14. You’re determined.

You know that setting goals strengthens your business, and you work hard to reach your goals.

15. You inspire a close-knit pharmacy team.

Talented, hardworking and knowledgeable employees look up to you.

16. You’re time-oriented.

You know how to manage your hectic schedule.

17. You’re flexible.

You understand that change is inevitable in the pharmacy industry.

18. You’re energized.

You make sure that you’re well rested.

19. You’re a researcher.

You’re always on the lookout for a new niche service or industry trend your pharmacy could implement.

20. You’re a great manager.

The way you train, motivate and manage your employees helps determine your pharmacy’s success.

21. You understand the importance of marketing.

You know that a lack of marketing directly affects your pharmacy’s sales.

22. You get things done.

You’re productive and you use your time wisely.

23. You’re present in your community.

Whether you volunteer or give to charities, you go out of your way to support your community.

24. You’re well educated.

You likely have a Pharm.D. or MBA, and you’re always looking to attend the latest continuing education (CE) sessions to advance your professional growth

25. You’re respected.

Peers and patients admire the work your pharmacy does.

26. You’re aware that failure is a possibility.

But you don’t let that stop you from implementing a new product or starting a new service at your pharmacy.

27. You’re good with money.

You keep your pharmacy in budget.

28. You’re a team player.

You know that creating a sense of camaraderie is critical to any successful business.

29. Your family and coworkers support you.

You wouldn’t be where you are without them.

30. You’re a PR pro.

Incorporating an effective marketing plan and public relations (PR) strategy is on your to-do list.

31. You’re motivated.

You have a vision for your pharmacy.

32. You’re goal-oriented.

Whether it’s increasing the number of patients you serve or expanding your front-end product selection, you set achievable goals for your pharmacy.

33. You’re an effective leader.

Patients and employees look up to you for guidance and advice. Your leadership skills are what make your independent community pharmacy business a success.

34. You’re interested in feedback.

You encourage reviews of your pharmacy because you want to know how you can improve.

35. You’re prepared.

Whether it’s a natural disaster or mass casualty event, you know it’s better to be safe than sorry.

36. You’re technologically savvy.

You stay up-to-date on the latest technology.

37. You’re a salesman.

You’re constantly striving to find new ways to boost front-end and prescription sales.

38. You’re a reader.

You keep up with the latest pharmacy news and industry trends.

39. Your stress levels are in check.

You know that taking breaks and changing up your routine is crucial to dealing with the demanding daily obligations required of you.

40. You’re persuasive.

You’re able to convince even the most vaccination-averse patients to get their yearly flu shot.

41. You’re focused on the customer.

You know that personal consultations and superb customer service is what makes patients continue to come back to your pharmacy.

42. You’re an expert in your field.

Patients come to you for advice and interns seek your wisdom. Everyone has something to learn from you.

43. You’re invested.

Financially and emotionally, you’re invested in your business.

44. You’re reputable.

People around town know about you and your business.

45. You’re a negotiator.

You’re always looking to save your pharmacy money.

46. You’re organized.

You know that marking your calendar and being aware of what’s going on in your pharmacy is essential to running a successful business.

47. You’re fluent in multitasking.

You wear many hats: pharmacist, boss, accountant and entrepreneur, to name a few.

48. You’re accessible.

You make time for your employees. Your door is always open to hear their ideas or concerns.

49. You’re patient.

Whether it’s dealing with a disgruntled patient or working to fight back against PBM clawbacks, you know that running a pharmacy requires patience.

50. You’re business-savvy.

You’re driven to face the business challenges of running a successful independent community pharmacy.

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