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6 Qualities of a Successful Pharmacy Manager

6 Qualities of a Successful Pharmacy Manager by Elements magazine |

August 17, 2016

Experienced. Organized. Likable. Talented.

These are just a few of the many qualities that come to mind when you think of an effective pharmacy manager. Although it may not be an easy feat finding an individual with all of these characteristics to run your pharmacy, the ultimate success of any business relies on the person in charge.

Whether it’s an in-house promotion or you’re looking to hire outside your current staff, here are six qualities to seek in a potential pharmacy manager.

1. Well educated

Education is a must, and candidates who have experience with both pharmacy and business is ideal.

However, a pharmacy manager’s knowledge, experience and expertise must stand out from the rest of the candidates. What makes him different? Does he have specific examples to back up his experience?

Hire a pharmacist who is dedicated to continuing to learn or look for business-educated individuals familiar with pharmacy nomenclature.

When your pharmacy’s manager is well accomplished, you’ll feel secure knowing that your business is in the right hands.

2. Business-savvy

The ideal pharmacy manager should understand business.

She needs to know how to drive sales and exceed goals. She needs to take charge when problems arise, hire the right talent and hone each member of her team to work to the best of their abilities.

Successful pharmacy managers aren’t just pharmacists or business school grads—they’re extremely goal-oriented individuals who understand what it takes to run a business.

3. Personable and customer-focused

As an independent community pharmacy, personal relationships with patients are what make your business stand out from competitors.

A successful pharmacy manager should excel at providing the ultimate customer service experience to patients. The right candidate will be able to handle tense situations calmly, always be courteous and professional and leave patients with a good feeling about the pharmacy.

4. Professional and calm

Being a manager often requires completing uncomfortable tasks, such as extending difficult news to a patient or reprimanding an employee.

Pharmacy managers need to be able to maintain composure during difficult situations.

When a pharmacy manager is approachable and kind, both your patients and the manager’s subordinates will feel at ease, which benefits your business with happy employees and patients.

5. Patient and poised

Whether it’s dealing with a disgruntled patient or working to fight back against PBM clawbacks, running a pharmacy requires patience.

The most effective pharmacy managers are the ones who are able to handle stress, and work efficiently to fix the issue that needs to be resolved.

6. Well-liked and forward-thinking

Arguably the most important feature of an effective pharmacy manager is leadership skills.

A strong leader is capable of managing both your employees and your business successfully.

The right candidate knows when to delegate tasks to other employees, when to recognize hard work, and ultimately sets the tone of how the business is run.

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