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6 Time-Saving Tricks for Your Pharmacy

6 Time-Saving Tricks for Your Pharmacy by Elements magazine |

April 22, 2015

Does it ever seem like your “to do” list is getting longer, not shorter? Time is one of the most valuable resources available to you as an independent community pharmacist, and its one that you probably never seem to have enough of.

If you aren’t proactive about managing your time, then you may always feel time-crunched. But if you approach your schedule with a different perspective, then your “to do” list could clear up quicker than you might think. Saving time in your pharmacy is easy—you just have to find tricks that work for you.

Here are some ideas to help you maximize your work efficiency in the pharmacy.

1. Make a list of priorities

When you’re feeling like you don’t have enough time to tackle everything you need to, make a small list of your top priorities. Identifying the tasks that are the most important can help you focus on what’s at hand, and prevent wasting time worrying about things that aren’t as pressing.

2. Schedule communication

It can be hard to have a productive day if your workflow is constantly interrupted because of meetings or emails. Schedule a certain amount of time each day to handle these communications to minimize interruptions from your regular tasks.

3. Utilize technology

Use technology to help you save time. Look into apps on your phone that can keep track of your schedule and tasks. Or, even consider adding a robot to your pharmacy that can efficiently fill prescriptions. Identify the areas of your pharmacy that are time-wasters and explore how technology could help. Investing in something new could be more than worth it.

4. Delegate

Let your employees help you manage tasks. Alternatively, consider hiring a professional to help with areas that require a bit more expertise, like marketing or accounting. These professionals can tackle those tasks in a fraction of the time that you could, and they’ll free you up to do something else.

5. Use templates

Create templates to use and re-use for common emails and letters you send out, such as introductory letters to physicians or e-newsletters for patients. This way, it’ll only take a few minutes each time you want to send out a new version.

6. Stay organized

Keep your workspace, records and electronic files as organized as you can to avoid wasting time searching for things you need. And be sure to back up all electronic records to avoid losing anything important in case your system crashes.

These tricks can help you free up some time in your pharmacy to focus on new initiatives or projects, or to give you more time away from work. Try using these tricks in your pharmacy, and see how much time you can really save.



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