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6 Ways to Market Your Pharmacy to Baby Boomers

6 Ways to Market Your Pharmacy to Baby Boomers by Elements magazine |

December 15, 2016

Are you doing enough to cater your pharmacy to baby boomers?

Businesses today seem increasingly dedicated to attracting millennial patients, but it’s important not to let baby boomers fall by the wayside.

Baby boomers still make up nearly 25 percent of the population, according to the 2015 population estimates by the U.S. Census Bureau. And, they’re likely coming to your independent community pharmacy.

Follow these tips to attract more baby boomer patients to your pharmacy.

1. Update your online profiles

Baby boomers use the Internet to gather information, but not in the same way millennials do.

Instead of engaging with your pharmacy online, baby boomers are more likely to simply look up your pharmacy’s phone number, hours, address and the services you offer.

Keep your website and social media profiles up-to-date so that these patients can conveniently find the information they’re looking for. That way, they can easily call your pharmacy or pay you a visit.

2. Use Facebook

When it comes to social media, the majority of your baby boomer patients use Facebook. In fact, baby boomers are the fastest-growing group on social media sites.

Tailor your social media efforts on Facebook toward baby boomers by creating posts that will speak to their generation.

For example, create a post about the health screenings you offer at your pharmacy, such as cholesterol screening and blood glucose testing. And, try to include a special deal with your post when possible, such as offering the screenings at a discount.

3. Start a loyalty rewards program

Baby boomers tend to be loyal to the brands and stores they like.

And, what’s not to like about a loyalty rewards program?

Implementing a patient loyalty rewards program helps patients feel valued, and increases the likelihood they’ll become repeat visitors and refer your pharmacy to friends and family.

Make sure your loyalty program is easy-to-use and meets the needs of your patients.

4. Offer deals

Seventy-five percent of baby boomers are more likely to make a purchase if they have a loyalty discount or coupon, according to a 2014 study by Synchrony Financial, a consumer financial services company.

Offer discounts, coupons and sales in your front end regularly to attract more baby boomer patients to your pharmacy.

Or, implement a direct mail campaign and send out coupons to current patients as well as potential patients in your area. (Direct mail coupons may even already be an option provided by your loyalty rewards vendor.)

5. Provide excellent service

Many independent community pharmacies pride themselves on customer service—and baby boomers can’t get enough.

Unlike millennials, baby boomers care less about the digital capabilities your pharmacy offers and more about the actual service they receive.

Make sure your pharmacy is adequately staffed, and that your employees are friendly and helpful. Employees should be prepared to recommend products to patients and make them feel comfortable shopping in your pharmacy.

6. Cater to an older age group

In order to ensure your pharmacy welcomes the baby boomer generation, you can’t overlook the little details.

Even if patients are healthy, there are still challenges that come with older age.

For example, baby boomers may require better lighting to read prices and product information; flooring that is easy to walk on; wide aisles to accommodate mobility devices; and chairs to rest on when necessary.

Connect with baby boomers on Facebook using these tips.



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