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7 Ways to Promote Your Pharmacy This Thanksgiving

7 Ways to Promote Your Pharmacy This Thanksgiving by Elements magazine |

November 10, 2016

As Thanksgiving approaches, you’re likely getting ready for the holiday. Are you getting your independent community pharmacy ready for Thanksgiving and the coming holiday season, too?

Consumers are projected to spend an average of $936 this holiday season, according to an Oct. 2016 consumer survey by the National Retail Federation® (NRF).

With shoppers inclined to spend more money during the holiday season, now’s the perfect time to start planning your marketing and promotions, to ensure that your pharmacy is a hit with patients this Thanksgiving—and all season long.

Follow these seven tips to effectively market your independent community pharmacy this Thanksgiving.

1. Entice with a seasonal front-end section

People can’t help themselves when it comes to holiday shopping.

Designate a section of your pharmacy’s front end to seasonal products. Holiday meal-prep cookbooks, fall-scented candles and a countdown to Christmas calendar are just a few simple ideas of items you can sell. You could even entice patients to shop around a little longer by offering baked goods or warm cups of apple cider.

2. Host an event

Hosting an event is a great promotion no matter the season. For Thanksgiving, why not a host a customer appreciation event to thank your loyal patients?

Entertain loyal patients by holding a Thanksgiving party in their honor. You can show your appreciation for them this Thanksgiving by handing out small goodie bags filled with candy and offering a limited number of coupons.

Or, fund an event that’s open to the public. Sponsoring an event, like a 5k Turkey Trot, is a great way to get your pharmacy’s name out there.

3. Publicize promotions

What are your pharmacy’s deals and promotions this holiday season?

Let patients know when you have a discount on cold and flu products or if you’re having a “Black Friday” sale. It’s important that you publicize it effectively, so patients know it’s happening.

Promote your specials throughout your pharmacy with signage. And, don’t forget to update your social media, so that patients will be sure to come into your store.

4. Hold a contest

Running a contest is a great way to get creative and engage your pharmacy’s front-end shoppers this Thanksgiving and holiday season.

For example, hold a pumpkin pie bake-off for your community, where the winner receives a gift from your pharmacy, and everyone gets to enjoy the pie.

Or, hold a contest on Facebook for the best holiday healthy-eating tip. Run the contest for a few days and encourage your followers to post their favorite healthy-eating tip or recipe on your Facebook page. Then, choose a winner to receive a small prize from your pharmacy.

5. Send “thank you” cards

Show your patients you appreciate them this Thanksgiving with a handwritten “thank you” card. Handwritten notes are a simple touch that can go a long way with patients.

Taking the time to express your gratitude to individual patients will make a lasting impression on them. And, showing thanks is also a component of a great customer experience.

6. Develop partnerships

Reaching out to your community can help you strengthen your relationships with your existing patients and build new ones this Thanksgiving.

This holiday season, consider getting to know the physicians in your community. Stop by offices close to your pharmacy and hand out baskets of cookies or other treats and introduce yourself.

When a physician sees the kind gesture, they may be more inclined to refer their patients to your pharmacy, and help boost your business. Also, be sure to let providers know of all the services your pharmacy has to provide, like medication therapy management (MTM), medication synchronization, compounding and immunizations.

7. Do charity work

Raising money for a charity provides valuable support to your community, and it gives your independent community pharmacy the opportunity to network and reach potential new patients.

For example, organize a canned food drive at your pharmacy. Or, offer patients an incentive to donate to a charitable fund by giving them a deal on front-end products if they contribute.

Use these tips to plan a fundraiser that will benefit your community and promote your pharmacy.

Who will you be giving thanks to this November? Here are four easy ways to give thanks to the people you appreciate this Thanksgiving.



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