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The Best Non-Traditional Products to Carry in Your Pharmacy’s Front End

The Best Non-Traditional Products to Carry in Your Pharmacy’s Front End by Elements magazine |

July 27, 2017

You may be innovative when it comes to the services your pharmacy offers, but what about your front-end product selection?

While you need to carry traditional retail items, you also have to think outside the box if you want to differentiate your pharmacy and attract new patients.

We’ve compiled a list of non-traditional products your pharmacy can specialize in.

Check out these ideas to expand your independent community pharmacy’s front-end product selection.

Specialty 1: Pediatrics

Attract parents to your pharmacy by offering a selection of products related to pediatric care.

Products can include children’s over-the-counter (OTC) medications to treat colds, allergies and other illnesses, as well as skin creams and ointments, vitamins and even toothpaste designed specifically for children.

Partner with local physicians who can refer patients to your pharmacy for their pediatric needs.

Specialty 2: Pregnancy care

Make your pharmacy a valuable resource for expecting mothers looking for products that are safe to use when pregnant.

Dedicate a small section of your front end to new and expectant mothers.

Stock pre-natal vitamins and other supplements that aid in healthy fetal development. Or, take it a step further and offer items to help women have a more comfortable pregnancy. For example, stock cocoa butter and massage oil to prevent stretch marks, products to help with nausea, such as sea bands and sour or ginger candies, and belly support belts.

Specialty 3: Fitness and weight loss

Patients today are increasingly concerned about health and wellness. Help patients reach their fitness goals by carrying products that support healthy weight loss.

For example, create an end cap display with vitamins and supplements, water bottles, protein snacks and hand weights.

Create or stock pamphlets with advice on better nutritional habits and sample exercise regimens to help patients get started on their fitness journey.

Specialty 4: Natural products

Offering natural products and remedies is a great way for your pharmacy to help patients who may not need a prescription but who are still looking for symptom relief.

But it’s important to stock products you trust and can confidently recommend to patients. Start with a small selection of widely-used products, such as nasal cleansing pots, teas, honey and vitamin C supplements.

Use signage to explain the benefits of each product. For example, create a shelf sign explaining how honey can soothe sore throats or how nasal cleansing pots can relieve congestion.

Specialty 5: Sleep aids

With today’s busy lifestyles, patients commonly complain about a lack of sleep or low energy.

Create a display of products designed to help patients get a better night’s sleep. Include supplements like melatonin along with eye masks, herbal teas, therapeutic pillows, aromatherapy products and noise reducers.

And, provide educational brochures for patients looking to improve their sleep habits.

Specialty 6: Pet products

Your pharmacy is likely more convenient for patients than a trip to the pet store. And, you can offer options that typical pet stores don’t, such as high-end brands and specialty products.

Attract pet lovers in your community by stocking OTC meds for pets, pet treats, specialty foods, leashes, grooming accessories and toys.

Partner with local veterinarians to determine the best products to carry. Building a good rapport with nearby vets will likely lead to more referrals, too.


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