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Best of August 2018: Articles for Independent Pharmacies

20 Goals Every Independent Pharmacy Needs to Achieve ASAP by Elements magazine |

August 30, 2018

Have you seen the latest from Elements magazine this August?

Each month, we publish multiple online-only articles about what’s happening in the pharmacy industry and what you need to know to improve your independent community pharmacy. We share information ranging from retail tips to pharmacy operations ideas to the latest advancements in pharmacy technology.

You’ll find checklists, tips, success stories, and expert advice for pharmacy owners and managers looking to move their businesses forward.

Take a look at our most popular articles from August.


20 Goals Every Independent Pharmacy Needs to Achieve ASAP by Elements magazine |

Goals keep your independent pharmacy moving forward. Here are 20 goals that your business can’t grow without.


Are You Neglecting to Do These Pharmacy Maintenance Tasks? by Elements magazine |

It’s hard to open your wallet for menial maintenance. But neglecting these pharmacy maintenance tasks can end up costing more in the long run.


Want your front end to get noticed? Boost sales with an easy-to-shop front end that gets people excited to visit your independent pharmacy.


This Is What to Look for in a Pharmacy Distributor by Elements magazine |

Distributors are your independent pharmacy’s most important business partners. Learn everything to look for in a pharmacy distributor to protect your business and maximize your profits.


What Are the Top Pharmacy Days, Holidays, and Events to Celebrate? by Elements magazine |

Don’t ignore the annual pharmacy days and holidays. Celebrating the days dedicated to pharmacy will help promote your business and engage your community.


How to Protect Your Pharmacy Patients from Opioid Misuse by Elements magazine |

Millions of Americans still misuse opioids. But your independent community pharmacy can help. Learn how to help protect your patients through conversation, education, and a keen eye.


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