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Best of July 2018: Articles for Independent Pharmacies

How to Promote Supplements at Your Independent Pharmacy by Elements magazine |

July 30, 2018

Have you seen the latest from Elements magazine this July?

Each month, we publish multiple online-only articles about what’s happening in the pharmacy industry and what you need to know to improve your independent community pharmacy. We share information ranging from retail tips to pharmacy operations ideas to the latest advancements in pharmacy technology.

You’ll find checklists, tips, success stories, and expert advice for pharmacy owners and managers looking to move their businesses forward.

Take a look at our most popular articles from July.


How to Promote Supplements at Your Independent Pharmacy by Elements magazine |

Capitalize on one of the fastest-growing retail categories. Discover the most effective ways to promote supplements at your independent pharmacy.


How to Conquer Stress in Your Independent Pharmacy by Elements magazine |

Does owning or managing a pharmacy stress you out? Learn how to conquer stress and protect your independent pharmacy from its sneaky effects.


How to Earn Five-Star Pharmacy Reviews From Your Patients by Elements magazine |

Review websites have a powerful influence on consumers. Learn how to maximize positive pharmacy reviews on the most important websites.


Here's Why What Pharmacists Wear Matters to Independent Pharmacies by Elements magazine |

What pharmacists wear can determine how approachable and professional they seem. Here’s why independent pharmacists and staff need to dress professionally every day.


How to Make Pharmacy Meetings Twice as Effective in Half the Time by Elements magazine |

Meetings don’t have to be a waste of time. Make your pharmacy meetings more efficient and effective with these simple strategies.


How to Jumpstart Your Pharmacy Business Right Now by Elements magazine |

Is your independent pharmacy where you want it to be? Use these strategies to jumpstart your pharmacy business into the fast lane.


How to Overcome the Challenges of Running a Family-Owned Pharmacy by Elements magazine |

Family-owned pharmacies face unique business challenges. Learn the common problems and how to overcome them.


10 Ways You’re Making Life Difficult for Your Pharmacy Employees by Elements magazine |

Are you driving your pharmacy employees crazy? You may not realize you’re doing it. Avoid these common managerial mistakes to keep the peace.


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