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Don’t Know What to Include in Your Pharmacy E-Newsletter? Try These Ideas.

Don’t Know What to Include in Your Pharmacy E-Newsletter? Try These Ideas. By Elements magazine |

October 5, 2017

Does this sound familiar? You sent an e-newsletter twice in September and then didn’t send anything to your patients until November.

You know connecting with patients between visits to your pharmacy matters. And you know that email is a great way to connect with them. But, you can’t seem to get on a regular schedule.

Getting on a schedule starts with planning the content for your e-newsletter ahead of time.

After all, patients won’t feel connected to your business if you only send your pharmacy e-newsletter sporadically.


Here’s Why a Pharmacy E-Newsletter Makes a Great Marketing Tool

Email marketing offers a powerful and cost-effective way to market your pharmacy.

When you get into your patients’ inboxes, you connect with them.

Sending a regular pharmacy e-newsletter can:


Whether you share the best sunscreens to protect kids or the importance of sticking to a medication regimen, your patients will appreciate the extra health advice. And, they’ll want to know about the latest events and promotions going on at your pharmacy.

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If you already send an e-newsletter, or if you want to, concentrate on providing helpful information for patients.

Otherwise no one will open your emails and they’ll go straight to the trash folder.


7 Topic Ideas to Fill Your Pharmacy E-Newsletter

Stuck on what to include in your pharmacy e-newsletter? Incorporate these ideas to create a successful pharmacy e-newsletter that your patients will actually want to read.

1. News at your pharmacy

Keep your patients up-to-date on the happenings at your pharmacy.

You don’t have to include only major news, like opening a new store, in your pharmacy e-newsletter. Anything that’s new counts as “news”.

Regularly notify patients about small changes at your pharmacy to help them feel a part of the pharmacy community.

Consider these news-worthy ideas:


You likely always have something new going on at your business week-to-week. Let your patients know.

2. Drug recalls

When drug recalls happen, patients get nervous.

The recall usually receives tons of coverage from the media, but not always with accurate information.

And with so many sources, patients may not know where to turn.

Help patients by including information about an important drug recall in your pharmacy e-newsletter.

You could write a blog post about the topic on your website and then include a few paragraphs from the blog post in your e-newsletter. (Don’t forget to link to your blog post from your e-newsletter.)

Or, you could write a few paragraphs about the topic in your e-newsletter and then link to more information from a credible source.

Patients trust their hometown pharmacy and will appreciate the reliable information.

3. Seasonal health concerns

Patients go to their local pharmacy to feel better.

You can continue to provide them with that feeling of care outside of your pharmacy with your e-newsletter. Email them pertinent and helpful health and wellness information.

Is allergy season underway? Flu shot time around the corner? Update your patients on seasonal health issues.

Seasonal health topic ideas:


4. Everyday health and wellness advice

Fill your pharmacy e-newsletter with helpful health and wellness advice for patients.

Choose topics that your pharmacy can help patients with. That way you offer advice and a solution. For example, discuss the risks of shingles and explain that your pharmacy offers the shingles vaccine.

Health and wellness topic ideas for your pharmacy e-newsletter:


The possibilities are endless.

5. Deals and coupons for the front end

People love saving money. Seniors especially enjoy a good coupon, discount, or special promotion.

Reward your e-newsletter subscribers with the occasional exclusive deal.

You don’t need to offer a promotion every week via your e-newsletter. But try it occasionally.

Send a 15 percent off coupon on OTC products. Offer a contest to win a small prize. Or, discount a certain segment of products for email subscribers.

Ask people print the email and bring it to your pharmacy to receive the discount.

Even small rewards can get patients in your pharmacy.

6. Take a poll or survey

Let patients know your pharmacy cares about their views. Place a poll in your pharmacy e-newsletter to gauge how your patients see your business.

Ask them what front-end items they’d like to see more of, or how they think your pharmacy could improve. Or, just ask them a fun question!

You could also create a survey about your topic of choice and link to it in your pharmacy e-newsletter. Or, send patients to your Facebook page through your e-newsletter to comment on a question you’ve posted.

These interactions can help patients connect with your pharmacy. And, you can learn valuable information to improve your business.

7. Promote pharmacy products and services

Even regular patients might not know about all the extra products and services your pharmacy offers.

Use your pharmacy e-newsletter to let them know.

You might even have forgotten how many extra services and conveniences your pharmacy provides.

Here are a few topic ideas to get you started:



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