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How to Effectively Lead Your Pharmacy Team

How to Effectively Lead Your Pharmacy Team by Elements magazine |

June 27, 2017

Being an independent pharmacy owner or manager is a tough gig.

Not only do you run the day-to-day operations of your pharmacy business, you’re also responsible for leading your pharmacy team.

And, running the best pharmacy around means you have to effectively manage—and empower—your pharmacy team.

Follow these tips to become a better leader at your independent community pharmacy.

1. Deliver feedback strategically

Providing constructive criticism isn’t always easy. But the way you deliver feedback to your pharmacy team can make all the difference.

For example, phrases like “Can I give you some advice?” can make some people feel inferior. It triggers a threat response that makes them less likely to accept constructive criticism.

Instead, combine praise with criticism to ensure the feedback is more well-received. When employees don’t feel threatened by your feedback, they’ll be more likely to accept it and make improvements.

2. Communicate clearly

Not setting clear expectations can lead to chaos.

When your employees don’t understand what they need to be doing, they’ll be less productive. And, everyone will end up stepping on each other’s toes.

At a busy independent community pharmacy, that can mean disaster.

Communicate with employees what you expect from them each day and delegate tasks when necessary.

For example, if you know you’ll have an influx of patients picking up prescriptions that day, plan who will fill the prescriptions, who will cover the register, and who will be available to assist patients.

3. Avoid micromanaging

Nobody likes to be micromanaged. This type of leadership leads to frustrated employees and a stressful work environment.

While it’s important to give employees guidance and to clearly communicate job expectations, they need to have some autonomy.

Rather than constantly looking over your team members’ shoulders, trust that you hired them for the right reasons. The more capable they feel  completing tasks on their own, the more productive and passionate they will be.

4. Foster a team environment

If employees feel like they’re a part of a team, they’ll be more likely to work hard.

Employees who feel left out or disposable won’t have any desire to do their jobs well and will bring the team down.

Foster a team environment for your employees by organizing group activities and showing each team member your appreciation for his or her hard work.

For example, cater lunch at your pharmacy once a month or invite employees to play in a recreational sports league together.

5. Treat employees fairly

You can’t be a successful leader if you don’t treat all employees equally.

For example, if one employee shows up late to work and you reprimand him, yet another employee shows up late with no consequence, how do you think your team will perceive those actions?

If employees are treated unfairly, they’ll likely start to resent each other—and their leader—which will wreak havoc on your pharmacy’s work environment.

Communicate expectations to your employees upfront and create a universal plan for how to address situations (such as tardiness).

Practice these leadership tips at your pharmacy to better manage and empower your employees.


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