​​Pharmacy Roundup: This Week’s Top 5 Articles for January 14, 2022

Every week we share our favorite articles that other organizations, associations, and companies are producing to help your pharmacy business thrive.

You’ll discover new strategies and tips to boost your independent community pharmacy business and to stay up to date on what’s happening in the pharmacy industry.

 This week we chose five articles covering topics from avoiding vaccine administration mix-ups to creating a more sustainable pharmacy practice. 

Don’t Fall in Love with Your Inventory 

If you have front-end products that aren’t selling, ignoring them could cost you. Retail Management Solutions explains the steps you can take when an item isn’t moving off the shelves. 

Covid-19 Vaccine Mix-Ups: What Pharms Can Do 

The Institute of Safe Medication Practices has reported multiple instances of patients getting the wrong Covid-19 vaccine formulation. Pharmacy Practice News gives tips for how to prevent mix-ups in your practice. 

Urban Pharmacy Deserts: Rethinking What We Know 

The problem of pharmacy deserts doesn’t only affect rural patients. Access to pharmacies in urban areas can also be limited, and TelePharm explores the causes behind the phenomenon.

Avoiding Failed Claims for Covid-19 Vaccine Reimbursement 

Pharmacy Today identifies some common reasons why reimbursement claims for Covid-19 vaccinations might be denied and how pharmacies can get it right the first time.  

Raising the Bar on Sustainability in 2022 

Market research finds that consumers are thinking about sustainability when they shop in retail environments. Drug Store News suggests tactics for appealing to eco-conscious patients

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