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10 Fall Pharmacy Promotions to Get Patients Excited for the Season

10 Fall Pharmacy Promotions to Get Patients Excited for the Season by Elements magazine |

October 18, 2017

Use seasonal transitions (like summer to fall) to increase sales at your independent community pharmacy.

Fall kicks off a new season that you can use to promote patient loyalty to your business. (And increase your profits.)

People are thinking about the upcoming season and their health needs. Put your pharmacy front and center during this seasonal change with the right fall pharmacy promotions.

Now’s the time to market your pharmacy. Get people talking about your business with these fun fall pharmacy promotions.

1. Host a fall event

When you host events, you raise awareness and drive patients to your pharmacy.

And when you celebrate the events your community cares about, you brand your business as a pillar of the community.

Fall is filled with opportunities to hold a pharmacy event.

Event ideas to promote your pharmacy:


Make sure to hand out giveaways and promotional materials at the event.

2. Sponsor a fall event

Sponsorship is a hassle-free, low-investment way to promote your pharmacy.

Let other people do the work of hosting and you can reap the benefits. Sponsoring an event will get your pharmacy’s name out there and potentially bring in new patients.

Support an event to get your pharmacy’s name on a banner or on the event materials.

Community events to sponsor:


3. Participate in a fall event

Go a step further than sponsoring. Engage in popular fall community events as a participant. Encourage your staff to participate too.

Participating in community events can help you:


4. Make social media seasonal

Adapt your pharmacy’s social media messages to the season.

Seasonal social media marketing can boost shares, likes and in-store traffic.

Make your content relevant to the season with these ideas:


5. Offer seasonal coupons or hold a fall sale

People have come to expect seasonal discounts. It’s a great way to show your patients you appreciate them, especially around Thanksgiving.

Offer a one-day sale or special coupons to entice people to visit your pharmacy this fall.

Use mailers, social media, emails and advertisements to promote the sale or to deliver the coupon.

6. Partner with neighboring businesses

Create mutually-beneficial promotions with other businesses in your area during the fall season.

Think beyond partnering with health care organizations. Unusual community partnerships could have beneficial results.

Ideas to partner with local businesses:


Sharing the load of hosting an event reduces your costs without reducing your visibility. It also gives you more resources to put on a better event.

7. Support a seasonal cause for fall

Donate to a seasonal cause and ask patients to join you.

Use social media to promote the cause. When you encourage people to join your cause, they’ll feel good about your business.

And, giving to local causes showcases the “community” aspect of your independent community pharmacy.

8. Send newsletters about the fall season

One of the best ways to promote your pharmacy is indirectly.

When you send patients information they appreciate, you build trust with them.

Sometimes, that promotes your pharmacy more than actual promotions.

So, keep your patients up-to-date this fall with your pharmacy newsletter.

What to include in your pharmacy newsletter this fall:


9. Advertise seasonal services for fall

Some services and products sell better in the fall.

Promote the services patients need most, like the flu shot.

Advertise your services to current patients when they come in for their prescriptions.

Use visible signage and ask your staff to talk to visitors about what your pharmacy offers.

10. Use creative fall signage

Use fun and unique signage to draw people’s attention to your pharmacy this fall.

Signage can show patients that you share their excitement for a new season. And, your excitement will engage patients and improve their experience at your pharmacy.

Promote the fall season with signage like window clings and posters.

Use these fall signage ideas:


Make fall a profitable season with these fall pharmacy promotions.


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