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Front-End Niche Roundup: Tips to Make the Most of Your Front End

Front-End Niche Roundup: Tips to Make the Most of Your Front End by Elements magazine |

November 13, 2015

Your front end is likely an underused revenue stream for your pharmacy.

According to the 2015 NCPA Digest, 92 percent of revenue for independent community pharmacies comes from prescription drugs. With shrinking reimbursement rates, abusive MAC pricing and new challenges from direct and indirect remuneration fees, diversifying revenue streams isn’t only good business, it’s necessary in today’s industry.

Building a front-end niche can boost your sales, while making your pharmacy stand out with unique and specific product offerings.

From sports nutrition to natural products to pet products, here’s what you need to know to establish a successful front-end niche that will get patients into your pharmacy.


How to Create a Front End Sports Nutrition Section

Pharmacists at Everett Pharmacy in Everett, Pa. used their personal interest in sports to create a front-end sports nutrition niche. Learn how stocking energy bars, protein powders and carbohydrate drinks has made the pharmacy’s front end a resource for local athletes and a conversation starter. read more


Going Local: Using Local Products in Your Front End

With two locations in Columbia, Mo., D&H Drugstore has turned to its community to make its front end stand out. By offering local products, such as baby bibs, custom cards from local artists and skin products made with goat’s milk, the pharmacy provides patients with an experience and selection they can’t get at a big box pharmacy. read more


5 Ways to Welcome Pets to Your Pharmacy

Offering products or services for furry, four-legged patients is a front-end niche that your patients will appreciate, and it can boost your bottom line. You can win over the 95 percent of American pet owners who consider their pets to be family members by doing little things, such as setting out a water bowl for pets and offering flavoring services for pets’ medications. read more


Natural Pharmacy: How One Pharmacy Created a Niche Business in Natural Health

O’Brien Pharmacy in Mission, Kan., cultivated a reputation as one of the top compounding pharmacies in the nation, and as a national leader in natural health, sterile products and natural hormone replacement. Learn how featuring a front end filled with natural vitamins, supplements and products earned the pharmacy a loyal patient base and national recognition. read more


Natural Products: Is It Time to Add These to Your Front End?

Product selection is key in creating a successful natural health front-end niche. If you’re not already stocking natural products, here’s a look at why it’s time to incorporate them into your front end. Plus, get ideas for the must-have natural products that your patients will love. read more

 5 Niche Services to Offer at Your Pharmacy

If you need ideas for a front-end niche that will benefit your patients and boost your pharmacy’s bottom line, check out these popular niches. Learn how to make immunizations, durable medical equipment and bio-identical hormone therapy into a profitable front-end niche. read more

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