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How to Make Your Pharmacy’s Front End Profitable This Fall

How to Make Your Pharmacy’s Front End Profitable This Fall by Elements magazine |

September 12, 2017

Make fall the most profitable season yet for your pharmacy’s front end.

The transition from summer to fall is the perfect time to freshen up and take advantage of the season.

Here are some ideas to attract new patients and make your pharmacy’s front end profitable this fall.

Host an event to kick off the fall season

Hosting an event gives you a chance to promote your seasonal services and products. For example, host an event to promote flu shots at your pharmacy.

Ideas to promote the event


Offer seasonal coupons

Coupons drive people to your pharmacy with the promise of a good deal.

Even if you don’t make a profit on the discounted item, the foot traffic enables you to promote your fall products and services. Patients who are unfamiliar with your services might discover something new.

For example, a patient redeeming her front-end coupon might discover that you offer flu shots. And if she gets one, then you earn extra revenue.

Place high-demand fall items in the back of the pharmacy

You may think it sounds counterintuitive to hide the products your patients need most, but it’s a proven retail strategy.

During fall, people will want cold and flu products no matter where they’re located. So, you don’t need to place them at the front.

When you place popular products at the back of the pharmacy, patients have to wind their way through the aisles to get what they need. This increases the chance that they’ll discover another product or service to purchase along the way.

Support a seasonal cause

Patients prefer shopping at philanthropic businesses.

Give to a seasonal cause and ask patients to join you. At the register, promote a charity and ask patients if they’d like to donate. This way you give them a chance to participate. And, you let them know that you support a good cause.

Consider giving to local causes to showcase the “community” aspect of your independent community pharmacy. It makes a stark contrast to the national chain pharmacies.

Hold a seasonal sale

A new season is a perfect excuse to hold a front-end sale at your pharmacy.

Sales boost traffic, which gives patients increased exposure to your pharmacy’s fall products and services.

With a fall sale, you can also offload overstocked summer items at discounts.

Participate in a neighborhood event

From pumpkin patches to trick-or-treating, fall offers tons of neighborhood events.

Partner with other businesses during community events to introduce your pharmacy to a broader patient base. You’ll also show your commitment to your community.

Ways to participate in neighborhood events:


Stock up on popular fall inventory

As fall approaches, your inventory should change.

With the change of the seasons comes a change in product demand. Stock up on fall must-haves, such as cold and flu products and allergy medicine.

Entice patients to stick around

The longer your patients spend in your pharmacy, the more likely they’ll make extra purchases. Or, the more they’ll learn more about what your pharmacy offers.

Find ways to extend the time patients spend in your pharmacy.

For example, as the weather gets colder, your patients will want to stay inside warm stores. Offer a free cup of cocoa or cider they can sip while they browse.

Also, improve the seasonal ambience in your pharmacy with inviting music and pleasing decorations.

Highlight health observances

The fall months are full of national health observances.

Use these opportunities to highlight both your pharmacists’ expertise and related products or services that might otherwise go overlooked.

For example, November 20 is the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout, a day for smokers to quit or plan to quit smoking. This makes November a good time to promote your tobacco cessation products with an end cap. Or, promote your smoking cessation program with an awareness day.

Use seasonal material on social media

Adapt your social media messages to the season.

Ideas to spruce up your social media for fall:


Make the most of the holidays

November and December are the busiest times for retail stores because of the holidays. During the holidays, Americans spend more than $3.19 billion on retail products.

Take advantage of the following holidays to maximize your front-end profits:


Adapt with the season to make your pharmacy’s front end profitable this fall.


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