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Front-End Sales Roundup: Tips to Make the Most of Your Front End

June 24, 2016

Are you looking for new ways to increase your pharmacy’s front-end sales?

Front-end sales affect your pharmacy’s bottom line, even if you mainly focus on patient care services and prescription sales. By carrying unique products, stocking what your patients are looking for and merchandising it well, you can make your front end a lucrative area of business.

Increase your pharmacy’s front-end sales by following this collection of expert advice, tips and strategies.


Front End, in Focus: Tips to Boost Pharmacy Front-End Sales


Most pharmacists have detailed knowledge and quick access to information about their patients’ prescription purchases. That same kind of detail about patients’ front-end purchases, however, can be harder to track. Whether you’re ready to get back into the retail game, or you just want to bring a bit more attention to your front-end business, here are some new ideas and insights. read more


3 Ways to Boost Front-End Sales with Coupons

3 Ways to Boost Front-End Sales with Coupons by Elements magazine |

How often do you use coupons in your pharmacy? Although deals and bargains likely aren’t what generally bring patients into your pharmacy, there’s no reason why you can’t use them occasionally to increase foot traffic. Take advantage of these three opportunities to distribute coupons and boost front-end sales. read more


How Playing Music Can Increase Front-End Sales

How Playing Music Can Increase Front-End Sales by Elements magazine |

Background music in retail settings is proven to boost the customer experience and increase purchases. But just like any other form of marketing, the songs you play won’t have universal appeal. The right music for your pharmacy will depend on your desired brand image and your target market. When it comes to music selection, discover the three factors in particular that influence consumers to make a purchase. read more


3 Easy Ways to Boost Front-End Sales

3 Easy Ways to Boost Front-End Sales by Elements magazine |

As an independent community pharmacist, there’s a demand for your advice on front-end products, but making individual recommendations can be time-consuming. Try another approach in addition to personal recommendations. Make suggestions that are on display all the time. Try these three simple approaches to boost your front-end sales by leveraging your expertise. read more


On the Shelf: Tips to Boost Front-End Sales with Engaging Shelf Signs

On the Shelf: Tips to Boost Front-End Sales with Engaging Shelf Signs by Elements magazine |

The signs in your pharmacy’s front end may be just as—if not more—influential to making a sale as the products on the shelf. If used correctly, shelf signs can convey your pharmacy’s brand, entice patients to learn more about the products you offer, and, ultimately, encourage shoppers to make a purchase. Follow these tips for boosting front-end sales at your pharmacy with engaging shelf signs. read more

Learn how to boost your overall front-end sales by improving employee sales.




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