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How to Celebrate Fruit and Veggies — More Matters Month at Your Pharmacy

How to Celebrate Fruit and Veggies — More Matters Month at Your Pharmacy by Elements magazine |

August 28, 2017

Did you know that September is Fruit and Veggies — More Matters Month?

People who eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables can lower their risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and certain forms of cancer, according to

Your pharmacy can help spread the word about the importance of eating more fruit and vegetables during September.

Reasons to promote Fruit and Veggies — More Matters Month:


Here are a few ideas to celebrate Fruit and Veggies — More Matters Month at your independent community pharmacy.

5 Ways to Encourage People to Eat More Fruit and Veggies

1. Invite a nutritionist to your pharmacy

Many people don’t know about the benefits of eating enough fruit and vegetables.

Invite a nutritionist to your pharmacy to give a talk about the important role fruit and veggies play in maintaining a healthy diet.

Also, provide educational materials for patients to take with them. Include information about the different types of fruit and vegetables and recommended daily servings.

2. Host an event

Hosting an event is a great way to encourage community participation.

Partner with a local restaurant to put on a fruit- and vegetable-themed event.

Invite the community to your event to:


3. Use social media

Use social media to spread the word about Fruit and Veggies — More Matters Month.

Create a new post on Facebook or Twitter each day featuring a different fruit or vegetable. Share information about that particular fruit or vegetable. Be sure to include a healthy recipe that incorporates the fruit or vegetable.

Also, post general nutrition tips throughout the month.

4. Partner with local farmers

Partnering with a local farmer can generate awareness about healthy eating. And, it’s a win-win for your pharmcy and the farm.

For example, hand out flyers at your pharmacy about the farm or about a local farmers market the farmer attends. And in return, the farmer can recommend your pharmacy to family, friends and other members of the community.

Take it a step further by inviting a local farmer to host a pop-up farmers market in your pharmacy’s parking lot or on the sidewalk outside of your building.

You can encourage patients to eat more fruit and vegetables while increasing foot traffic to your pharmacy and helping the farmer sell more produce.

5. Have a fruit and veggie-themed potluck

Inspire your employees to participate in Fruit and Veggies — More Matters Month by hosting a fruit- and vegetable-themed potluck.

Invite employees to bring a dish that highlights their favorite fruit or vegetable. Everyone can taste one another’s dishes and share recipes.

For additional resources, view the Fruit and Veggies — More Matters Month toolkit.


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