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These Are the Most Useful Health Apps for Your Patients Based on Chronic Condition

These Are the Most Useful Health Apps for Your Patients Based on Chronic Condition by Elements magazine |

November 22, 2017

People do everything on mobile apps.

They socialize. Plan. Shop. Take photos.

People downloaded an estimated 197 billion mobile apps in 2017.

So, why wouldn’t patients manage their health with them too?

Well, some patients don’t know how to find health apps that can help them. Others don’t know which of the 160,000 to choose from.

Your independent community pharmacy can deliver another level of care to your patients by recommending mobile health apps to help them take control of their health.

We sourced one health app for each of the most common chronic health conditions, recommended by experts in the field. If your patients ask for health app recommendations, now you’ll know what to say.


Alzheimer’s disease and dementia

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia take a toll on patients and caregivers.

These diseases require considerable time and energy from caregivers. And caregivers often get frustrated when they don’t know how to handle various situations.

Recommended health app: Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias Daily Companion App

The Alzheimer’s Daily Companion App arms caregivers with advice for situations they face on a daily basis.

Caregivers can search situations they’re struggling with and find answers from experts and other family caregivers.

The app offers 25 topic categories containing more than 500 searchable pieces of advice. And if caregivers can’t find the advice they need, they can submit a question through the app.



One in four adults suffers from arthritis. And it’s the leading cause of disability.

Arthritis limits patients’ physical activity. So, it’s important for patients to keep track of the level and frequency of the pain each activity triggers.

That way they manage their arthritis in a way that maximizes their opportunities and minimizes their pain.

Recommended health app: Track + React

The Track + React app enables patients to track pain, nutrition, physical activity, stress levels, medication, sleep quality, fatigue and more. And, the app creates an impact graph that reveals the potential relationship between patients’ actions and symptoms.



An incurable chronic disease, asthma requires constant management.

Patients must not only lug around an inhaler but also take oral medication and pay attention to triggers.

Recommended health app: Asthma Buddy

The Asthma Buddy app helps patients keep up with their asthma medication and more. With the app they can:




Diabetes is one of the most common chronic conditions.

And it’s one of the biggest hassles to manage. Almost half of people with diabetes struggle with anxiety and guilt about their diabetes management.

Recommended health app: Glucose Buddy

The Glucose Buddy app records blood glucose levels, insulin injections, and diet and exercise information to help patients stay on top of their diabetes management.



Your pharmacy can play an important role in helping screen patients with depression and get them the help they need.

Depression is a complicated disease and no single treatment can help all patients.

But Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has shown promising results. The therapy seeks to change patients’ way of thinking and how that thinking affects their behavior.

Recommended health app: Lantern

The Lantern app matches users with a professional coach trained in CBT who can provide feedback and answer questions. The app also provides daily CBT exercises and tools.


Heart disease

No matter which heart condition a patient is struggling with, they always need to keep their blood pressure under control.

High blood pressure damages arteries, which can prevent blood flow. And the increased workload from high blood pressure can cause the heart to enlarge and fail to supply blood to the body.

Recommended health app: Blood Pressure Companion Pro

The Blood Pressure Companion Pro app tracks heart rate, measures blood pressure, and analyzes the data. Patients can also share the results with their care team.


Kidney disease

Diet is crucial to patients suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD). They must monitor their drink and food intake regularly, especially if they’re on dialysis.

Recommended health app: KidneyDiet

The KidneyDiet app help patients track and view their daily intake with measurements of six key nutritional values:



All chronic conditions

Medication is the one factor all chronic conditions have in common.

One of the most difficult aspects of managing a chronic condition is keeping up with the rigorous medication regimen, especially if it requires multiple medications. If the patient has comorbidities, managing medications gets even harder.

Recommended health apps: MangoHealth and HealthPrize

The Mango Health app and the HealthPrize apps seek to make medication adherence fun by turning it into a game. The apps reward various prizes, like gift cards, to patients based on their adherence rate.


What Your Pharmacy Needs to Know About Recommending Health Apps

When it comes to recommending health apps, err on the cautious side.

Health apps make promises they don’t have to fulfill. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t regulate health apps unless they offer life-saving claims.

And, you can’t rely on user reviews. Many reviewers base their rating on functionality, such as speed and ease of use. So those ratings don’t necessarily correlate with medical effectiveness.

Pay attention to patients’ feedback on how well these health apps actually help them manage their conditions.

Now you can help your patients sift through the thousands of health apps available to locate the right one for them.


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