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How (and Why) to Empower Your Pharmacy’s Employees

How (and Why) to Empower Your Pharmacy’s Employees by Elements magazine |

July 9, 2015

Do you want to improve productivity, customer service, and word-of-mouth in your pharmacy?

Then, empower your employees.

Empowered employees are happy at work, and happy to go the extra mile for your patients and for your business. They work harder and smarter, and can become some of the best advocates for your pharmacy in your community.

There’s no way around it—empowered employees make for a better business. Here are six ways you can empower your employees.

1. Define job responsibilities

Empower employees by clearly defining each position’s duties from the beginning. Make sure your pharmacy staff understands what they should—and shouldn’t—do when it comes to helping patients, handling prescriptions, updating social media and other tasks.

Clearly defining expectations can empower employees to take pride in their tasks and will prevent conflict between employees who might be unsure about their responsibilities.

2. Encourage communication

Let your employees know that you’re open—and excited—to hear their thoughts and suggestions for improving the pharmacy. Employees spend plenty of time in your pharmacy, so encourage them to share their valuable perspectives.

Ask for their help or opinions, and let them know that their input is valued, even if their feedback doesn’t result in a change. Simply asking for comments lets employees know that you respect and appreciate them.

3. Encourage growth

If your employees aren’t growing, then neither you—nor they—will be satisfied with their work. Encourage employees to keep learning, whether it’s from you, a training session or a continuing education program.

Develop your employees by hosting a training session on how to give great recommendations in your front end, or how to provide great customer service. Then, watch as your employees test out their new skills on the job.

4. Be transparent

Be clear and transparent about decisions and goals, so your employees can help you implement and achieve them. Share all of the information and context that you can, so they can make informed decisions.

For example, if you hand out coupons for a discount in your front end, make sure your employees know about the coupon and are prepared to give the discount when customers stop in. Or, if you’re hosting an event at your pharmacy, explain why you want to host the event and let your employees participate in the planning stages—not just on the day of.

5. Trust your team

Your pharmacy’s staff is full of great employees—after all, you hired them. Trust them to do their jobs, and don’t shy away from giving them responsibility. Advise and guide employees through problems instead of taking over when something doesn’t go smoothly, so you can all learn and grow.

6. Show appreciation

Take time to thank your employees for their hard work, and celebrate their accomplishments. Expressing your appreciation will motivate employees and make them more loyal to your pharmacy.

Empower your employees and watch as their positive work attitudes improve your business.



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