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How to Create a Patient Experience That Stands Out

How to Create a Patient Experience That Stands Out by Elements magazine |

November 2, 2017

What experience do your patients have at your pharmacy?

Maybe they notice your great customer service or your short wait times. But what makes your pharmacy stick out to them as a business they know and love?

You face competition from national chain pharmacies, mail order, big box store pharmacies and (don’t forget) other independent community pharmacies. That means your pharmacy needs to stand out. So new patients want to come to your pharmacy and current patients never want to leave.

But how do you do that?

The answer is more simple than you might think.

Consistently create a patient experience that will make patients want to come back to your pharmacy over and over again. And, do it in a way that’s absolutely unique.

10 Easy Ways to Wow Your Patients With a Stellar Patient Experience

You can create a one-of-a-kind patient experience that makes your patients want to come back by finding new ways to show your patients that you care about their health, their families and, most importantly, about them personally. Wow your patients with these ideas.

1. Send thank you notes

Thank your patients by sending them a handwritten note or a personal email.

Send patients a thank you note if you noticed they had to wait longer than usual to get their prescription. Or, if they seemed to be having a bad day.

A small touch like a thank you note will go a long way to show patients you care. Try to write at least one note a day.

2. Provide bottled water

Provide your patients with a small bottle of water to take their medication.

You can even brand the bottles of water with your pharmacy logo.

Keep a mini fridge of bottled water for your patients to grab. Or, hand patients a bottle of water along with their prescription after you finish consulting with them.

3. Ask your patients about their day

Always ask your patients about their day or how they’re feeling.

This personal touch builds relationships and will make your patients feel cared for.

Send a get-well-soon letter or email to a patient who seems particularly down.

Questions to ask patients:


4. Offer coffee or tea every day

Make your patients feel welcome with a free cup of hot coffee or tea.

Create a mini coffee bar where patients can help themselves to coffee or tea in a section of your pharmacy.

A hot beverage will encourage patients to browse your front end section longer. And it makes waiting for a prescription more enjoyable.

5. Hold a customer appreciation day sale

What better way to show customer appreciation than having a sale in your customers’ honor?

Host the sale during slower months when you need to move retail products.

Be sure to promote the day. Send promotional emails and post about the sale on your social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

6. Greet your patients by name

You probably already know your patients by name.

Make sure to greet them by their first name every time they come into your pharmacy.

They can’t get that level of service at a national chain pharmacy or a big box store. So wow them with your pharmacy’s personal touch. That’s a patient experience that the big retailers can’t match.

7. Send your patients birthday coupons

Send your patients a coupon good for a discount on front-end purchases on their birthdays.

Not only will patients appreciate the gift, but they’ll likely make an additional trip into your pharmacy.

You can set up birthday coupons to email to patients automatically with a loyalty rewards program.

8. Hand out free product samples

Every month, hand out free product samples for a product you carry in your retail front end.

People love free samples. They’re a small token that can help improve the patient experience in your pharmacy.

And, handing out free samples can boost purchases of the full size product.

Types of free samples to hand out:


9. Give kids a small gift

When parents come in with their little ones, make the child’s day with a small gift like a sticker or a small toy.

Parents will appreciate the thought—and the distraction.

You’ll make your pharmacy appear family-friendly and frazzled parents will take notice.

10. Provide a comfortable waiting area

For those times when patients do have to wait on a prescription or to talk to a pharmacist, make sure they wait in comfort.

Waiting plays a major role in the patient experience.

Ways to improve your pharmacy’s waiting area:


Implementing ideas like these at your pharmacy will help build and strengthen your relationships with your patients. Because keeping a patient is easier than getting a new patient, the small things can add up to a great patient experience.

Get creative. See what methods you can come up with and start using at your pharmacy.


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