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How to Get Creative with Front-End Displays to Boost Sales

How to Get Creative with Front-End Displays to Boost Sales by Elements magazine |

March 21, 2017

Take a look at your independent community pharmacy’s front end. What do you see?

Many pharmacies struggle with using the same boring front-end displays year-round, and lack the variety of products necessary to increase their front-end sales.

But by getting creative and showcasing the great products your pharmacy offers, you can drive more traffic to your retail area.

Check out these creative front-end displays to attract more patients and boost your pharmacy’s front-end sales.

1. Pharmacist’s pick/staff favorites

Select a few front-end products to designate as the “pharmacist’s pick” or “staff favorites.”

Promote the products by displaying a sign below the product that explains who chose the product and why. You can rotate the products on display on a weekly or monthly basis.

2. Local products

Selling products from local vendors supports your community, and it allows you to differentiate your business from national chain and big box pharmacies.

Feature cards, soaps, snacks and small gifts made by local artisans. Make sure to use signage that includes information about each local vendor.

3. Area school fan gear

Show support for your community by dedicating a section of your front-end to your area school’s fan gear.

Stock t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats or pennants with the school’s name, mascot or logo.

Set up a front-end display that incorporates the school’s colors to make it easily recognizable.    

4. Pet products

Many people think of their pets as family, so it’s important that your patients with furry friends can purchase pet products from a store they know and trust.

Create a pet display with items such as treats, toys and pet health supplies.

Use pet-themed signage and pictures of animals to get your pet-loving patients’ attention.

5. Natural products

Natural remedies continue to gain popularity among consumers.

Make your pharmacy stand out by displaying natural products related to health, like neti pots, vitamin C, honey and a variety of hot teas.

6. Sports nutrition products

Offering sports nutrition products can be a great way to attract a new patient base, and it’s a market that continues to grow.

Set up a front-end display that includes sports drinks, energy bars and protein powders. Position the products next to vitamins and supplements that may also appeal to these patients.

7. Women’s health

Create a front-end display devoted to women’s health to make your pharmacy welcoming to women.

Include products such as vitamins made specifically for women and anti-aging products. You can also stock products aimed at pregnant women or those going through menopause.

8. Home health care products

As the population ages, adults are living longer and require items like durable medical equipment (DME) and daily living aids to help them live functional lives at home.

Dedicate a display in your store of the equipment and products that meet the needs of older adults, including walkers, home diagnostic equipment, pill boxes and incontinence products.

9. Impulse buys

Create a front-end display close to the register that includes products patients might feel inclined to purchase at the last minute.

For example, display items patients can quickly grab before checking out, such as gum, candy, lip balm, tissues or even popular vitamins.

10. Holiday-specific products

Everyone loves a good holiday display.

Have an end cap dedicated to holiday-specific products that you continuously update.

For example, use Christmas decorations and display holiday cards or seasonal gifts during the holiday season.

11. Seasonal products

Highlight products that are applicable to the current season with a front-end display and change the theme every few months.

For example, in the spring, create a display of allergy products and tissues. In the summer, switch it up and feature sunscreen, aloe vera and other sun-protectant products.

12. Back-to-school

As summer comes to a close, set up a back-to-school display to make life easier and more convenient for busy parents.

Stock back-to-school staples, like pencils, notebooks and crayons, as well as classroom health essentials, like hand sanitizer and tissues.

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