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How to Grow Your Pharmacy’s Holiday Business With Gift Cards

How to Grow Your Pharmacy’s Holiday Business With Gift Cards by Elements magazine |

December 2, 2016

Are you looking to bolster your retail sales this holiday season? Consider gift cards to purchase items at your pharmacy as an option to increase your business’s front-end sales this winter.

Gift cards are the most highly requested holiday gift, according to a November 2015 survey by the National Retail Federation (NRF).

Do your patients—and your bottom line—a favor by offering gift cards at your pharmacy this season.

Check out these five ways gift cards to your store can help grow your holiday front-end business.

1. Effectively market your gift cards

If you don’t promote gift cards to your pharmacy, then patients won’t know about them—and they won’t purchase them.

Social media is an easy marketing tool to utilize in this case. Let patients know you have gift cards available for purchase at your store by creating a social media call-to-action that will entice patients to do their holiday shopping at your pharmacy.

For example, use specific action words and phrases, such as, “visit today,” “call now,” “check out our new gift cards” or “click to learn more.” Make it clear what you want your followers to do after they read your post.

A holiday direct mail campaign is another idea to let patients know about gift cards to your pharmacy. Direct mail campaigns are an effective way to reach patients who don’t regularly check their emails or use social media.

Other gift card marketing tips:


2. Offer a deal on gift cards

Tempt patients to purchase a gift card with a promotion.

For example, offer patients a free $5 gift card with a purchase of $25 or more in gift cards. Or, encourage them to spend more by offering a $50 gift card for only $45.

3. Reward gift cards to loyal patients

Another way to boost foot traffic at your store this season is by gifting loyal patients gift cards to your pharmacy.

Offer a $10-15 gift card to patients enrolled in your pharmacy’s loyalty rewards program to encourage them to come shop your front end.

A gift card has higher perceived value than a typical discount. And, your loyal patients will appreciate the personal touch your pharmacy provides during the holidays.

4. Offer several gift card options

With projections of online sales expected to increase to as much as $117 billion this holiday season, consider offering patients the option of an e-gift card, in addition to the plastic gift cards they can find at your store.

E-gift cards are great for patients looking for convenience when doing their holiday shopping. And, they can help make your pharmacy stand out to younger patients who may do more of their shopping on a mobile device than in stores.

Creating your own unique gift cards is simple with the help of websites like GiftFly and Yiftee. If you don’t sell retail products on your website, you can still allow patients to redeem their e-gift cards in your store.

5. Encourage impulse purchases

Although your pharmacy may not be the first place patients consider when shopping for their holiday gifts, encourage them to make an impulse buy to help boost your front-end sales.

Consider using bold signage around your store to attract patients to buy gift cards. Setting up a small display of gift cards near your register can also encourage patients to make an impulse gift card purchase along with their prescriptions.

Looking for more ways to boost your front-end holiday sales? Follow these five tips.




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