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How to Promote Flu Shots at Your Independent Pharmacy

How To Promote Flu Shots At Your Independent Pharmacy by Elements magazine |

October 11, 2017

Today’s patients know they don’t have to go the traditional route to get a flu shot.

Patients have more options than going to the doctor to get their yearly flu vaccine. They can visit walk-in clinics. More employers and schools today offer flu shot clinics on site. And, patients increasingly turn to the convenience of pharmacies to get their yearly flu shots.

The number of adults receiving the flu shot decreased in the 2015-2016 flu season compared to the previous season. In particular, fewer adults 50 years old and up received the flu shot. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests accessing a flu shot through a non-traditional setting like a pharmacy can help reach individuals outside of traditional physicians’ offices during the flu season.

And if the CDC recognizes the value of pharmacies providing flu shots, patients will too.


Here Are the Best Ways to Promote Flu Shots at Your Pharmacy

If your pharmacy offers vaccines and immunizations, you have the potential to increase revenue during flu season.

As flu season approaches, boost the number of patients who get vaccinated at your pharmacy by marketing your flu shots.

Here are the best ways to spread the word and let your patients know that they can get their flu shot at your pharmacy.

Flyers, brochures and signs

Your patients are busy and they’ll likely forget to get a flu shot unless you remind them.

Hang up flyers and signs in your pharmacy to remind patients that you offer flu shots. They’ll see them when they come in to pick up their monthly refills.

You could also place brochures on your countertops to draw their attention.

The CDC offers a variety of free seasonal influenza print materials. You can download and print what you need in minutes.

Free print materials available to download include:


You can even choose materials for specific audiences.

The materials created for different audiences include:



Your patients trust your pharmacists.

Make it a policy for your staff to remind patients to get their flu shots every time they do a medication consultation.

Remind high-risk patients, such as seniors, pregnant women and parents with small children, that they need to get their flu shots to keep themselves and their families healthy.

Pharmacy website

Regularly promote flu shots on your website.

Include key information about your flu shots program that patients will want to know.

Questions to answer on your website:


Post this information on an easy-to-find section of your website. You can always take it down after flu season ends.

The CDC offers a variety of seasonal influenza web tools you can add to your pharmacy website to promote flu shots.

Web tools available to use include:


The web tools are available in both English and Spanish.

Social media

Promote flu shots on your pharmacy’s Facebook and Twitter pages. It’s free advertising.

Let patients know you offer flu shots and to stop by posting regular status updates. The key is to post often.

The CDC offers a variety of seasonal influenza graphics and infographics to help you spread the word on social media.

Graphics and infographics available to download include:



Here’s a fun idea to promote flu shots.

Place a sticker promoting your flu shot program on every prescription bag that leaves your pharmacy.

When patients go to open the bag they’ll see a little reminder to get their flu shot.

Direct mail

Mail postcards or flyers to patients who you know are at risk for the flu.

Direct mail allows you to target a certain segment of your patients, which can increase the response to your mailer. For example, you could send a mailer to seniors or to caregivers or parents with children.

(Learn more about how to use direct mail to promote your pharmacy.)

Newsletter or e-newsletter

If your pharmacy sends a regular newsletter or e-newsletter to patients, don’t forget to include information about flu shots.

If you send an e-newsletter, link to a section of your website that contains more information about your vaccine program. That way patients can click to learn more.

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