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How to Put Together a Successful Pharmacy Health Fair Booth

How to Put Together a Successful Pharmacy Health Fair Booth by Elements magazine |

August 21, 2014

So you decided to register your independent pharmacy for a local health fair? You’ll want to assemble a first-rate booth for the event. With a little preparation, you can put together a successful and memorable presentation that brings in new patients. If you’re willing to put in the work ahead of time, you’ll find everything will go more smoothly on the big day. Use these three steps to put together a successful health fair booth.

1. Start by setting a goal

First, it’s important to establish an objective. Do you want to attract new patients? Educate participants? Promote a specific service? Pinpointing what you want to achieve, as well as the type of person you want to engage, will result in a more coordinated, and ultimately successful, plan of action for the event.

2. Set strategies to meet your goal

Next, decide how you will execute that plan. There are countless ways to engage passerby at health fairs, but that doesn’t mean you should use all of them. While you may be tempted to cram all kinds of information or entertainment onto your table, a cluttered booth can actually repel attendees and make it difficult for you to deliver your message. Instead, hone in on just a few facets you want to promote. Need some ideas? Try these.

Get hands-on
Patients often only associate pharmacists with prescription filling. Destroy that barrier by getting hands-on with visitors at the health fair. Provide brown bag medication reviews or mini health screenings for glucose levels, blood pressure or cholesterol. These quick services offer valuable health information to passerby and also establish your credibility as a health care expert.

Run a promotion
Use the allure of a promotion and free products at the health fair to engage potential patients. Hand out coupons to drive visitors to your front end. Coordinate a raffle for a $100 gas card to add names, phone numbers or email addresses to your mailing list. Run a giveaway of free branded products, like water bottles or key chains, to draw maximum attention to your booth. You could also run a social media campaign at the health fair where every person who ‘likes’ your Facebook page or follows your Twitter receives a freebie gift.

Use visuals
Stand out from the crowd with eye-catching visuals, like a colorful branded poster or tablecloth. Then, capture the curiosity of attendees by offering a glimpse into your pharmacy’s everyday operations. Do a mock demonstration of compounding (using common kitchen ingredients) or counting medication. Show off your bubble packaging or branded prescription bottles. Replace drugs with candy for a fun twist.

Deliver information
Hand out brochures that showcase your pharmacy and the services you offer. You can put together an array of brochures on anything from “Getting To Know Your Community Pharmacy” to “The Importance of Local Business.” Providing straightforward information is a great option for more introverted pharmacists who still want to deliver a message. You could also do Medicare Part D reviews (check out a great tool for this) and hand out information about the negative affects of mail order to showcase the vital services independents provide.

3. Put it all together

When the day of the health fair arrives, put all your planning in motion. Multiple staff members should man your booth, if possible. This ensures that you’re prepared in the event of bathroom breaks or rush periods. Dress professionally and uniformly. The white coat can be a great attention-grabber, but branded polos or dress shirts are also a good option. It’s often helpful to memorize and be comfortable with a short introduction or conversation starter so when participants walk by, you aren’t at a loss for words.

All in all, do your best to radiate a positive, energetic mood. If you appear friendly and engaging, attendees will feel more inclined to approach your booth and benefit from your hard work.

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