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How to Reward Great Employees (And Why It Matters)

How to Reward Great Employees (And Why It Matters) by Elements magazine |

March 18, 2015

Your employees are face-to-face with your patients every day and they keep your pharmacy running. Have you rewarded them for a job well done?

Amidst all your other responsibilities as an independent community pharmacy owner or manager, taking time to compliment and reward your employees probably isn’t your top priority. And while it’s easy to assume that your employees know you appreciate all that they do, they might need the occasional reminder.

Appreciating your employees through words, gifts and actions can have a lasting affect on your pharmacy. Here are some tips for rewarding your employees in a way that will build morale, motivation and loyalty—and ultimately, build your business.

A policy of praise

When your employees do a good job, tell them! A single compliment can go a long way in encouraging your employees to do their best work. Encourage employees to reward each other with praise, too. When everyone adheres to a policy of praise, everyone’s attitudes and motivation will improve.

Be formal

While you shouldn’t wait for a special occasion to reward your employees (be spontaneous and reward your employees as they deserve it!), you shouldn’t shy away from establishing a formal system or annual events, either.

Aside from a more traditional “employee of the month” recognition system, you could hold an annual awards ceremony. These awards could relate to work, such as “best customer service” or “highest front-end sales”, or they could be more fun and personality-based, such as “best smile” or “always has a cough drop on hand.”

Be inclusive

Include your employees in your celebrations when you accomplish business goals. You may be the one to set goals for your pharmacy, but your employees help you attain them. When you achieve a new goal, make sure to recognize the employees who worked to get you there and show them how their work has helped your business grow.

Be personal and creative

When it comes to using gifts to reward your employees, show them that you’ve taken the time to get to know them. While cash bonuses and gift cards will be appreciated, a more personal gift such as concert tickets or a restaurant voucher will always be remembered.

Take action

They say that actions speak louder than words, and you can put this saying to work in your pharmacy by doing something to show your employees you appreciate them. The options are endless—you could host an employee celebration or offer an extra vacation day, for example. You could even invite your employees to participate in an all-employee activity, like volunteering at a local non-profit or going as a group to a ballgame.

And while fun activities are sure to lift your employees’ spirits, another way to reward your employees is by giving them an additional project or increased responsibility. This is the ultimate reward for hard work, and demonstrates that you not only know they do a good job, but that you trust them to do it.

When you reward your employees, you reward your pharmacy. Boost your appreciation, and boost your bottom line.



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