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How to Use Health News to Create Buzz for Your Pharmacy

How to Use Health News to Create Buzz for Your Pharmacy by Elements magazine |

May 23, 2016

What topics are trending in health and wellness today? Natural and homeopathic remedies. Eating healthy. Stress relief. Gaining more energy. These are just a few of the topics your patients are interested in.

News about these subjects is everywhere: Online, professional journals, T.V., newspapers and more.

Sharing your expertise on these topics from a pharmacist’s point-of-view can generate interest in your business. When you explain that the latest diet fad might not be that healthy or give your take on a news story about a recent stress study, you add to the conversation and showcase yourself, and correspondingly, your business, as a health expert.

Here are some tips for using health and wellness news to your advantage.

Share your thoughts online

Social media is a great tool. Sharing your expertise on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, allows you to join in on relevant health and wellness conversations.

Participating on social media in relation to health and wellness can highlight your pharmacy as a place of health expertise.

Boost your health and wellness posts with trending hashtags, such as #nutrition, #foodie, #wellness, #eatclean and #healthy. Hashtags will make your posts viewable to a much larger audience, promote discussions and get online users to discover your pharmacy. Who knows, maybe someone in the audience will be your next new patient.

Write press releases

Bolster your pharmacy’s presence in your community by writing press releases about popular health and wellness topics.

Press releases give you an opportunity to establish your business as an industry expert, and to increase your pharmacy’s reputation.

For example, write a press release informing your patients about the national opioid epidemic and what your pharmacy is doing to combat the problem, such as implementing a medication disposal box program.

Showcase your expertise with a blog

Social media and press releases aren’t the only way to share your knowledge.

Creating a blog goes hand-in-hand with your pharmacy’s website. It serves as an outlet for you to shed some light on health trends and topics to less-informed patients, while also providing your own personal thoughts on the subject and showcasing your expertise to a larger audience.

Writing regular blog posts with helpful, informative material can also connect your business with current and potential patients, and increase their trust in your pharmacy as a health expert.

Connect with media

Contacting your local media can be a great way to get your pharmacy in the news, while also providing your business with the opportunity to share your know-how on a popular news subject.

For example, if your pharmacy is now prescribing birth control or offering other in-demand patient care services, pitch the idea as a story the media can report on. Or, offer to go on your local morning show to discuss immunizations, allergies or the benefits of supplements.

Learn even more tactics to become a pharmacy PR pro.



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