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How to Make the Most of Front-End Sales in May

Make the Most of Front-End Sales in May by Elements magazine |

May 5, 2016

If finding new ways to increase your independent community pharmacy’s front-end sales is always on your ‘to do’ list, dedicate this month to making it happen.

“May is the new December. As far as revenue goes, May has more opportunity for out-front sales than any other month of the year,” Gabe Trahan, senior director of store operations and marketing at the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA), said in an April 25 One-Pager Tip, a guide for stores to measure their own product departments. “May also offers inspiration to craft your social media and website content, advertising ideas and end cap themes.”

Here are five ideas to help you increase your pharmacy’s front-end sales in May.

1. Promote seasonal celebrations

The month of May is jam-packed with holidays and celebrations, including Mother’s Day, graduations and weddings.

Promote May holidays and festivities in your front end by offering unique trinkets or gifts for your pharmacy’s shoppers to buy for their mom, recent grad or newlyweds.

Trahan also suggests supplying your store with more greeting cards than usual this time of the year. “Mother’s Day is the No. 2 holiday for greeting card sales after Christmas,” he said.

2. Rearrange your front-end layout

If you haven’t recently rearranged your front-end merchandise or reconfigured your front-end layout, make those your goals for May. Changing things up keeps shoppers interested.

Pique the interest of shoppers by revamping your front end with fresh, seasonal displays.

3. Partner with local small businesses

The first week of May is National Small Business Week. Increase your pharmacy’s front-end sales by working in conjunction with other local businesses.

For example, partner with a local farmer’s market during May. Let the farmer’s market set up a booth in your front end, or in front of your pharmacy. This special promotion will highlight your pharmacy’s community engagement and encourage customers to shop your front end, too.

4. Stock up on popular summer inventory

As the weather gets warmer, the inventory you supply should change. Stock up on summer must-haves, such as sunscreen, aloe and bug spray.

Whether it’s your loyal patients shopping at your pharmacy or travelers on-the-go, they’ll be thankful for your supply of summer necessities.

5. Support May’s National Health Observances

May is the perfect month to celebrate national health observances—special days, weeks and months dedicated to highlighting health issues—at your pharmacy, if you’re not already doing so.

“The month of May is the most important health-related month of the year, loaded with key opportunities to generate content for your website and social media accounts as well as end caps and in-store displays,” Trahan said.

Utilize this month’s multiple national health observances to boost your pharmacy’s front-end sales. Trahan suggests stocking therapeutic pillows, herbs and melatonin to help promote Better Sleep Month. He also advises pharmacies to remind customers to have their blood pressure checked as a part of your pharmacy’s promotion of High Blood Pressure Awareness Month.

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