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How to Market Supplements to the Right Patients

How to Market Supplements to the Right Patients by Elements magazine |

August 22, 2017

Americans are paying attention to dietary supplements and taking more of them.

In fact, 68 percent of Americans take dietary supplements, according to the 2015 CRN Survey on Dietary Supplements. And, 66 percent of supplement users aged 18-34 expect their supplement use will continue to increase.

So, vitamins and supplements could be a profitable category for your independent community pharmacy.

But those statistics won’t matter if you don’t market supplements to the right types of patients. You know, the ones who want—and need—those supplements.

Here’s how to market supplements to the patients who are looking for them.

Market Supplements to These 8 Types of Patients to Increase Sales


1. Patients who want more energy

People today are busy. As an independent community pharmacy owner or manager, you can probably relate.

Between jobs, school, kids and everything else going on in your patients’ lives, some of them may lack the energy necessary to power through the day.

Help these patients get back the energy they need with dietary supplements.

Supplements that can help: Guarana, green tea extract, vitamin B12, CoQ10

2. Patients who are health-conscious

People today want to improve their health and wellness. This is especially important to younger generations. They’re focusing on preventive health to avoid taking prescription medication down the road.

These health-conscious patients are looking for vitamins and supplements to support their healthy lifestyles on a daily basis.

Supplements that can help: Multivitamin, omega-3, calcium, magnesium, zinc, probiotics

3. Patients with diabetes

Patients with diabetes are often taking multiple medications, which can deplete nutrient levels and affect blood sugar levels.

But these patients can replenish nutrients and better manage their blood sugar by adding supplements to their routine.

Supplements that can help: CoQ10, vitamin B12, omega-3

4. Patients who are stressed

Stress is never good for patients’ health. It takes more of a toll on the body than most people realize.

But managing stress levels is vital to staying healthy and preventing anxiety attacks. And, for some patients, supplements may be the only stress-relief method that works.

Supplements that can help: Vitamin B-complex, magnesium

5. Patients who need to improve their sleep

Lack of sleep can cause a variety of mental and physical problems.

Patients who live busy lifestyles or who suffer from stress and anxiety may have an especially difficult time getting enough sleep at night. And tricks like eye masks and noise reducers don’t work for everyone.

Supplements that can help: Melatonin, magnesium, glycine, theanine

6. Patients looking to get in shape

Fitness trends are emerging everywhere you look. And as people want to get in shape, they’re turning to supplements for support.

Certain supplements can enhance patients’ workouts and complement a healthy diet.

Supplements that can help: Vitamin B-complex, green tea extract

7. Patients who are pregnant

Pregnant women need extra nutritional support to ensure their bodies—and their babies—stay healthy.

That’s why expectant mothers need prenatal vitamins. They’re crucial to helping them get all the nutrients they need.

Supplements that can help: Folic acid, iron, calcium, vitamin D

8. Patients following special diets

Patients on special or restricted diets often don’t get the vitamins and nutrients their bodies need.

For example, people who are allergic to certain foods, such as gluten or dairy, miss out on the nutrients they provide. Similarly, vegans and vegetarians often don’t receive the nutrients most people get from eating meat.

Supplements that can help: Vitamin B12, calcium, chromium, iron, zinc

Create a profitable offering for your pharmacy business when you market supplements to the right patients.


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