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Marketing Spring Cleaning Checklist: 10 Tips to Update Your Pharmacy’s Marketing

Marketing Spring Cleaning Checklist: 10 Tips to Update Your Pharmacy’s Marketing by Elements magazine |

April 20, 2016

You likely already give your home and business a yearly deep clean in the spring, but don’t forget that your pharmacy’s marketing could benefit from cleaning, too.

Your promotions, social media, website and marketing strategy will perform better if they’re fresh and up-to-date.

Here’s a checklist to help you spring clean your pharmacy’s marketing.

1. Update your social media profile images and cover photos.

Take a fresh picture of your staff or your pharmacy to liven up your social media profiles.

2. Make sure your pharmacy’s contact information is up-to-date.

If you’ve changed your email address, or have new hours, make sure that up-to-date, current information is available on your pharmacy’s website and marketing materials.

3. Reevaluate your pharmacy’s brand identity.

Once a year, assess whether or not your brand image and identity still fit with your pharmacy’s offerings and future goals. Also, make sure you’re using all of your materials consistently. If you’ve added a new service, or are specializing in diabetes care, for example, make sure your brand reflects that update.

4. Upgrade your website.

Your website today needs to be mobile-responsive, easy-to-use and up-to-date. If your website is outdated, consider investing in a redesign.

5. Refresh your media contacts.

If you haven’t talked to your contacts your local newspaper and T.V. stations in a while, make sure to reach out and check in, and remind them that you’re happy to serve as a contact for health-related stories.

6. Check your pharmacy’s Google listing.

Update your pharmacy’s Google listing to ensure that the correct information about your business shows up on Google search results. And, leverage other tools from Google My Business to increase your pharmacy’s online exposure.

7. Refresh your outdoor and indoor signage.

Promote your latest events, product offerings, and specials with up-to-date pharmacy signage. Be sure to remove any out-of-date, or damaged signage and replace them with new signs.

8. Establish a pharmacy promotions calendar.

Create a schedule of events and promotions at your pharmacy so you can keep up with all of the events you have organized throughout the year. Or, if you already have a schedule, go through your promotions calendar and evaluate what events and promotions worked, and which ones didn’t. Then, replace the ones that didn’t meet your goals with new ideas.

9. Check in with your marketing goals.

As you spring clean, assess your pharmacy’s marketing goals. See if you’re still making progress and tweak your goals as necessary.

10. Expand your pharmacy’s network.

Successful marketing relies on your pharmacy’s network of relationships. Spring clean your pharmacy’s rolodex of relationships and reach out to your community partners and physician partners. Be sure to keep them in the loop about the latest services and products your pharmacy has to offer.

Use spring as an opportunity to upgrade your pharmacy’s front end with these must-have products for summer.




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