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How to Celebrate National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day at Your Pharmacy

How Celebrate National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day at Your Pharmacy by Elements magazine |

March 19, 2018

Inside: National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day is March 29. Learn why you should celebrate the day and how to use it to promote your pharmacy.

National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day on March 29, celebrates the small businesses that contribute to our economy in big ways.

“Mom and pop” businesses like your independent community pharmacy employ the majority of new workers in America.

More than Amazon, Google, and all the Walmarts in the country.

About 27 million small businesses operate in the U.S. And they employ more than 70 percent of all new employees.

Small businesses spur local and regional spending, which is the bedrock of our country’s economy and the heart of our local communities.

The national day serves as a recognition of small business’s measurable and immeasurable contributions to our country. It also provides inspiration for small businesses to show what they can achieve.

The day was created in honor of a family’s small hat shop in 1939 that exploded into a 10,000-square-foot, $2 million clothing store.

National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day matters more than ever today. As corporations consolidate into larger entities, they swallow up small businesses. And, recognizing the personal and unique aspects of small business grows more important.

These Are the Best Ways to Celebrate National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

Don’t miss out on recognizing a day dedicated to businesses like yours.

Promote your independent community pharmacy on National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day with these ideas.

Hold a front-end sale in your pharmacy

The best way to bring attention to your pharmacy business is to host a one-day celebratory sale.

A sale works to promote your pharmacy’s products and services. And it brings in traffic.

Make sure your marketing and signage dedicate the sale in honor of National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day.

Use these strategies to make your one-day sale profitable:


As an alternative to a one-day sale, send out discount codes or coupons to prospective patients redeemable only on March 29.

Offers with a time limit generate extra traffic and spur people to spend when they otherwise wouldn’t.

Contribute to the day’s hashtag on social media

#Mom&PopBusinessOwnersDay is the social media hashtag for the national day.

Use the hashtag when you post pictures and stories of your pharmacy’s offerings and activities on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Pictures serve as visual storytelling. They engage your followers and help them connect with your brand.

Written stories of your pharmacy and your employees can also engage your audience. The epic popularity of Humans of New York shows that people read longer social media posts as long as the stories are good.

Personal posts will work best for National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day because your business’s individuality differentiates it from mass merchants.

Use these social media strategies to connect with your audience:


Also, use the hashtag to promote your neighboring mom-and-pop businesses. (And hope it encourages them to promote you back).

Ask patients to promote your pharmacy

Use National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day to ask your patients to show the love for your business.

Ask them to use the hashtag (#Mom&PopBusinessOwnersDay) on their social media accounts that day.

Or, suggest they write a positive review of your pharmacy on review sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook. At least 74 percent of people looking for a local business turn to online review sites a minimum of once per month. And, online reviews influence 97 percent of those people. So, the more positive online reviews your pharmacy can get, the better.

But customers are more likely to leave a review the more recently they visit your pharmacy. So, ask them in person for a review. That way the idea is fresh in their minds when they leave your pharmacy.

Make the offer even more enticing. Enter everyone who posts an online review into a contest to win a coupon to your front end.

Partner with neighboring businesses to host an event

When you host an event, you celebrate something and promote your business. (You get two-for-one.)

So, why not host an event on Mom and Pop Business Owner’s Day?

Events attract attention not only from those invited but also to everyone in the vicinity. Especially if you hold it in a populated area, like the town square.

Outdoor events provide even greater visibility to non-customers. And, a bigger chance that you’ll attract people unfamiliar with your pharmacy.

Partner with other local businesses to host an outdoor event or an event in a shared space on National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day.

Ideas for a successful National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day event:


Offer customers “check-in” deals

Want to get your pharmacy noticed on social media?

Encourage patients to “check in” to your pharmacy on Facebook on National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day.

“Check-ins” can spread your pharmacy’s name quickly and boost visibility.

And, check-ins capitalize on people’s herd mentality. The more people see others visiting your pharmacy on National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day, the more likely they’ll turn up as well.

People also act on incentives. So, offer every shopper who checks in to your pharmacy on social media an exclusive promotion.

A simple offer could make the difference between someone showing up or staying home.

Or, go a step further and enter anyone who follows you on social media into a contest to win a prize.

Thank your patients in unique ways

Your patients keep your mom-and-pop pharmacy alive.

Without their loyalty, national chain pharmacies and big box stores would swallow up your local pharmacy.

So, show patients your appreciation for supporting local businesses. (Plus, appreciating their loyalty will also help increase their loyalty).

Ways to thank your patients for supporting your pharmacy:


Now your pharmacy can use National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day to promote your pharmacy. And you can celebrate the contributions of all local businesses.


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