Combining Antibiotics Can Make Them More Effective, New Study Shows

July 9, 2018

Combining antibiotics could make them more effective against bacteria that have built up antimicrobial resistance, according to a new study published July 4.

The study sought to address the growing resistance harmful bacteria have developed to antibiotics. “The spread of antimicrobial resistance has become a serious public health concern, making once-treatable diseases deadly again and undermining the achievements of modern medicine,” according to the study.

The researchers tested nearly 3,000 different combinations of antibiotics, along with other drugs and food additives, on three common pathogens.

Hundreds of combinations made antibiotic treatment more effective.

Results of the study included:


The selective nature of the combinations means that in the future, antibiotics could potentially be effective at treating the problem without the typical collateral damage on the gut. The finding reveals “a large potential for narrow-spectrum therapies,” according to the study.

View the study.