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How to Earn Five-Star Pharmacy Reviews From Your Patients

How to Earn Five-Star Pharmacy Reviews From Your Patients by Elements magazine |

July 9, 2018

Inside: Good online reviews can reel in prospective patients. Bad reviews can turn them away. Learn how to maximize positive pharmacy reviews on the most important review websites.

Would you like to know what your patients are telling other people about your pharmacy?

Today you can.

When you look at online review websites, you can see what people say about your pharmacy. Millions of people use online review websites today to praise or criticize companies.

Online reviews are the new word-of-mouth. People trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Traditional word-of-mouth might reach a handful of people in someone’s close circle of friends and family. Online reviews reach thousands of people in the entire community.

And for many other reasons, review websites matter for your pharmacy business far more than you may think. The importance of online review websites forces you to focus on them whether you want to or not.

Competition is too stiff to survive on two-star ratings and poor reviews. Negative online reviews will send patients to your competitors before they ever give your pharmacy a chance. Five-star reviews can win them over.

Here Are 9 Easy Ways to Get Five-Star Pharmacy Reviews

Want your patients to rave about how amazing your pharmacy is? Use these strategies to get more five-star pharmacy reviews.

1. Ask your loyal patients to review your pharmacy

Start with the low-hanging fruit.

You already have a large patient base that loves your pharmacy.

These patients have used your pharmacy for years and are clearly satisfied with your service.

Recruit them to review and rate your pharmacy. They’re a sure bet for five-star reviews.

More than likely, they’ll happily leave a glowing review.

2. Reward reviews

Even if patients are happy with your pharmacy, they may need a nudge to do the work of reviewing and rating your business.

Rewarding people for their reviews (positive or negative) will give them an incentive to get it done.

Consider giving patients a front-end discount when they leave a review. Or, enter them into a contest for a prize.

Make sure to ask for reviews at appropriate times. The best moment is when a patient compliments or thanks you. Use this opportunity to tell them you’re glad to hear that and ask if they’d like to share their experience on a Google or Facebook review.

3. Request reviews through e-communications

When you send promotional emails and newsletters, or when you post on social media, include a link to an online review website, like Yelp.

Include a message like, “We love to hear from our patients, so we can better meet your needs. Post a review and let us know how we’re doing.”

Or, offer a coupon to anyone who posts a review within a certain timeframe. The combination of a reward plus a time limit (two classic advertising techniques) will drive people to the website.

Requesting through email and social media makes it easier for people because they click on the link and they’re instantly on the website.

4. Inform patients about review websites

Patients probably don’t realize how important online reviews are to your pharmacy.

Motivate them to rate your pharmacy by explaining how reviews affect your business.

Make sure to convey the information in an educational way. Explaining too much or too eagerly can come off as desperate.

Instead, casually mention it in conversations.

When patients compliment your pharmacy, ask if they’d like to rate your business on a review website. And, let them know how much you’d appreciate it.

5. Respond to poor reviews

Don’t ignore negative reviews. Poor reviews can breed more poor reviews when left unchecked. And when you don’t respond, it looks like you don’t care.

View negative reviews as opportunities.

Responding to poor reviews gives you a chance to change the person’s mind. It also gives you the opportunity to correct an issue and show the public your commitment to customer service.

Use these strategies to address negative reviews:


6. Learn from poor reviews

Use low-star reviews to become a five-star pharmacy.

What if your pharmacy doesn’t actually deserve a five-star review?

When enough patients give the same feedback, it’s time to take a look at what they’re saying.

It could be as simple as the music being too loud, (which matters more than you probably realize). Or it could be a big deal, like one of your technicians being consistently rude to patients.

Consistent negative reviews can reveal real problems with your pharmacy. If you fix the problems, you’ll give your patients a better experience. Those low-star reviews will start to turn into five-star reviews as you improve.

7. Actively address patient complaints

Head off complaints in person before they get posted online.

Don’t let patients leave your pharmacy upset. Deal with complaints in person. You can ease patients’ anger even if you can’t fully solve their problem right then. And it might be enough to deter them from posting a negative review.

Negativity influences people more easily than positivity. So, while you can ask satisfied patients to write positive reviews, focus more on addressing angry patients. (Before they take their issue to the internet.)

8. Make posting reviews easy

Many people don’t want to put in the work of posting an online review.

Make it as easy as possible for people to access review websites and leave reviews.

Try these strategies to make it easier for your patients to write reviews:


Also, don’t try to get patients to leave a review on more than one website.

9. Provide a five-star experience

Patients’ experience of your pharmacy is the single most important factor that influences reviews.

None of these ideas are foolproof against the quality of the care and service you provide.

No strategies can overcome a poor experience. And no tactics can earn better pharmacy reviews than a great experience. So, get five-star reviews by giving a five-star experience.

Rake in five-star pharmacy reviews with these foolproof tips today.


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