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Pharmacy Roundup: This Week’s Top 5 Articles from the Web

Pharmacy Roundup: This Week’s Top 5 Articles From the Web by Elements magazine |

April 13, 2018

Welcome to our weekly roundup of pharmacy articles, blog posts and stories from across the web.

Every week we share our favorite articles that other organizations, associations, and companies are producing to help your pharmacy business thrive.

You’ll discover new strategies and tips to boost your independent community pharmacy business and to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the pharmacy industry.

This week we chose five articles covering topics from the latest prescription drug addiction to the unique challenge of pediatric patients in pharmacy.


Resolution: Help Pharmacies Create Profitable Niches

In an increasingly competitive environment, independent pharmacies need to find ways to set themselves apart. Hamacher Resource Group discusses how independent pharmacies can create profitable niches to offer more comprehensive care and grow their businesses.


Staying Adherent, Staying Healthy A World Health Organization Update

For the last eight months, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been fighting to reduce errors in healthcare, including medication administration. Medicine-On-Time looks at the strides the organization has made so far and explains the important role medication adherence plays in error reduction.


How to Get Paid for Pharmacy Services

As pharmacists continue to push for provider status, many are realizing they have other ways to get paid for clinical services. Drug Topics explores how some pharmacists are navigating the reimbursement system to receive the payments they deserve.


Evidence for Med Synchronization Benefits Continues to Grow

Recent research shows that medication synchronization programs across the country have seen significant growth over the past few years. Pharmacy Today discusses the benefits of med sync for the pharmacy and what it takes to make the program successful.


State Solutions to Bring Down Drug Prices Face Steep Resistance from Drug Industry

As the fight against drug prices continues, states are increasingly taking legislative action. Unfortunately, not much has changed. FierceHealthcare looks at why states have been unsuccessful in their efforts to combat rising drug prices.


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