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This New Online Prescription Management Service Is Connecting Patients to Independent Pharmacies

This New Online Prescription Management Service is Connecting Patients to Independent Pharmacies by Elements magazine |

March 15, 2018

Inside: Learn how this innovative prescription management software can help your pharmacy dispense faster, improve adherence, expand your customers, and spend more time with your patients. 

Meet Phil.

Phil is an online prescription management and delivery service that connects patients with independent pharmacies.

The service handles:


So, pharmacists spend less time on the phone and patients get their prescriptions delivered to their door for free without having to coordinate with their doctor or transfer their prescription.

“Patients enjoy the convenience of prescriptions delivered to them, while pharmacists appreciate the technology that not only helps them catch up with the chain drugstores but outpace them by delivering their services to a wider audience,” said Deepak Thomas, MBA, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Phil, Inc.

It may sound like a new flavor of mail order. But Thomas said insurance providers typically perform mail order services and Phil focuses more on providing customer care.

“Mail order pharmacies as a format have trailed all other formats in terms of customer satisfaction,” he said. “Phil offers a modern online experience with predictable prescription delivery and refills.”

How the prescription management service works

Patients set up their prescription management account through the online portal at Phil acts as a concierge service, coordinating with doctors, insurers, pharmacy staff, and patients to get patients’ prescriptions refilled and delivered on time.

The service only partners with highly-rated, local independent pharmacies. All partner pharmacies are rated four to five stars on Yelp®, a review website where people rate and comment on businesses.

What’s in it for pharmacies?

“Phil connects independent pharmacies with patients in their neighborhood who would otherwise have never walked in,” Thomas said. And pharmacies serve these new patients without incurring additional costs since their overhead, such as leases and pharmacist salaries, doesn’t change.

Thomas said the Phil prescription management platform also helps pharmacists process prescriptions faster because of automation.

For example, Phil automates prior authorizations, so pharmacists can handle them in less than a minute.

Phil charges pharmacies a fee for using its software.

Helping with adherence

The Phil prescription management platform aims to help solve the adherence problem and starts by educating physicians on its services.

“Phil educates physicians on the benefits of a prescription delivery model to improve adherence for their patients,” Thomas said. “Phil works with over 8,000 prescribers in all major states to help their patients with medication adherence.”


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