Wholesaler contract negotiations, group purchasing and business intelligence tools for better buying.

A profitable purchasing solution.

ProfitGuard manages primary wholesaler negotiations to get you the best contract possible. With business intelligence tools that help you monitor your purchasing, ProfitGuard is a profitable buying solution that works for you before and after the contract.

Expert negotiators work for you.

We guarantee better pricing, rebates and payment terms on your primary wholesaler contract. Our team of contract experts knows what to look for and what to ask for to get you the best contract possible.

Pharmacy owners, as much as we think that we are great negotiators and buyers, we’re not really trained in that part. We don’t do it on a constant basis, over and over and over. Owners or operators who want to negotiate their own purchases are doing themselves a big disservice. After they negotiate that contract, there is no way for them to make sure that the wholesaler is making good on the deal they agreed on.

Huy Duong, R.Ph.
Owner, Dale’s Pharmacy
Fort Lupton, Colorado

How it works.

1. We form small groups of independent pharmacies to create buying power.

2. Contract negotiations begin and multiple national wholesalers bid on the group’s business.

3. The group selects a wholesaler.

4. You receive access to ProfitGuard’s business intelligence tools.

5. You regularly manage your purchasing using our business intelligence tools to optimize your rebates and make sure you meet your contract.

Multiple wholesalers bid for your business.

ProfitGuard uses a unique model. Multiple national wholesalers bid on the group’s business, which earns everyone a better deal.

Better buying every day.

Personalized business intelligence tools track your contract performance, verify pricing and give you money-saving recommendations on products you’re already purchasing. With just a few clicks, you’ll have all of the information you need to make buying decisions that benefit your bottom line.

Features of ProfitGuard:

Better inventory management
You’ll spend less time managing your inventory when you know you’re buying right. Our business intelligence tools can help keep your inventory on track.

Experienced negotiators
Let our wholesaler contract negotiation experts get you best deal out there.

Quality backup supplier
You’ll have access to the PBA Health warehouse as a quality secondary source of product. The PBA Health warehouse is VAWD and HDMA-certified. You can also count on the 99.9% accurate order fill rate to get you the correct products the first time.

Track your performance
At a glance, you’ll know how much you purchased on-and-off contract with our easy-to-read metrics. We also show your generic ratio, so you always know where you stand.

Money-saving recommendations
The recommendation feature in our business intelligence tools tells you where you can add to your profitability. You’ll see when you can switch items from your primary to your secondary wholesaler for big savings. Or vice versa. You’ll also know when to swap out NDCs or manufacturers to save money.

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