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How to Protect Your Patients Against Ticks

How to Protect Your Patients Against Ticks | Tick Protection | by Elements magazine |

June 5, 2017

Are your patients prepared to protect themselves against ticks this season?

Experts at Cornell University reported a dramatic increase in tick population in the Northeast and potentially across the northern U.S. this year, according to a May 17 Chicago Tribune article.

Many of your patients are likely uneducated on the dangers of ticks and how to prevent tick bites. But your pharmacy can ensure patients stay safe and healthy this summer while enjoying the outdoors.

Here are some tips to help protect your patients against ticks this year.

Stock tick-repelling products

There are an abundance of bug sprays and other bug-repelling products on the market, but only some are proven to help fend off ticks. Make sure your pharmacy carries the right products to protect patients.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends repellents that include 20 percent or more DEET, picaridin or IR3535 and products containing permethrin to treat clothing and susceptible gear.

Create a tick prevention end cap featuring these products to remind patients that you carry items to effectively repel ticks.

And, don’t forget to stock enough inventory to last your pharmacy through the summer.

Educate patients on tick prevention

Many patients are uneducated on tick-borne diseases, and therefore don’t know they need to look for products with certain tick-repelling ingredients.

Educate them on the different diseases and health risks ticks can pose to themselves, family members and pets.

Diseases ticks can transmit include:


Keep tick prevention brochures near the checkout counter and consider using bag stuffers containing tick prevention tips during summer months.

If you notice patients looking at your selection of bug-repellent products, help them decide which ones to choose based on their family and lifestyle.

For example, a patient going on a camping trip with his family may need a tick-repellent product that’s safe for children and includes sun protection.

Or, maybe a patient is allergic to ingredients in many bug sprays. Help her choose a product containing permethrin to treat her clothing and still repel ticks.

You can also refer patients to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) online tool to help them select the right insect repellent.

Promote pet protection from ticks

Pets are especially susceptible to tick bites and tick-borne diseases. And it can be difficult to detect the tick bites or symptoms of a disease.

Pets can also bring ticks into the home, which is dangerous for your patients and their family members.

Offer products patients can use to protect their pets from ticks, including tick collars, sprays, shampoos and medications.

Educate patients on the differences between the products you carry, so they can make the best choice for their pet.

Consider partnering with a veterinarian who can recommend the best tick prevention products and refer patients to your pharmacy to purchase them.

Your patients will appreciate how much you care about keeping them safe from ticks this summer!


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