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Want to Do More for Your Community? Here’s How to Start a Social Responsibility Program at Your Pharmacy.

Want to Do More for Your Community? Here’s How to Start a Social Responsibility Program at Your Pharmacy by Elements magazine |

August 10, 2017

Is giving back to the community important to your independent community pharmacy?

It should be.

After all, 55 percent of customers are willing to pay more for products from socially responsible companies, according to SCORE.

And, 58 percent of Americans consider social responsibility when deciding where to work. The percentage is even higher for millennials (79 percent) and Generation Xers (68 percent).

So, being socially responsible can attract more patients to your pharmacy. And, it can help you recruit better employees.

Here’s how to start a social responsibility program at your independent community pharmacy, adapted from these tips from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

Choose a direction

Your social responsibility program can focus on people or the environment—or both.

Make sure your pharmacy team is passionate about the cause you choose. And, the cause should align with your pharmacy’s mission or business purpose.

For example, as an independent community pharmacy, you may want to help people in underserved communities get access to the medicines they need. Or, you may want to help children with chronic conditions afford the medication and care they require.

Start by choosing one cause to focus on initially. After you’ve got the program up and running, add initiatives if your time and resources allow it.

Communicate with your team

For your social responsibility program to succeed, you need to solicit feedback from your employees.

They interact with patients on a daily basis, so they likely have a good idea of what your community needs and how the people in it feel about the cause you choose to support.

Your pharmacists and pharmacy technicians may also know of physicians and other health care professionals who can provide insights into how to improve your program.

For example, a local physician may know of a great organization your pharmacy can partner with to help achieve your program’s goals.

Encourage employees to talk to patients and providers in your community and to share their thoughts and ideas about your social responsibility program.

Communicate with your patients

As previously mentioned, many customers value social responsibility.

Your social responsibility efforts could be the reason a patient chooses to visit your pharmacy instead of the pharmacy down the street.

So, it’s important to educate people in your community about your program.

And, you should keep your community updated on the program’s progress—especially when you accomplish a goal or achieve a positive outcome.

Share news about your social responsibility program on social media, send monthly newsletters and offer information about the program to patients when they come to pick up their prescriptions.

Now you can start a social responsibility program that’s good for your community and your business.


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