Slide Get Started ProfitGuard offers you a choice of wholesaler, individualized payment terms, guaranteed better pricing options, contract adherence assistance and, most important, maximum rebates.

A profitable purchasing solution

Unlike other purchasing options, ProfitGuard works for you before, during and after your contract is signed. We manage primary wholesaler negotiations to get you the best individual contract possible. Then, we use our proprietary data analytics tools to monitor and optimize your purchasing, constantly protecting your profits.


average pharmacy
profit margin


average pharmacy
profit margin with ProfitGuard

How it works

1. Buying Power

We work with small groups of independent and individual pharmacies to create buying power.

2. Support

We leverage our experience and expertise negotiating more than $12.8 billion of contracts to obtain the best-in-market economic arrangements from national wholesalers.

3. Choice

We negotiate with the wholesalers of your choice; you select the final wholesaler.

4. Monitor

You receive access to ProfitGuard’s business intelligence and monitoring tools.

5. Manage

You use our proprietary data analytics tools to optimize your rebates. We assist in any way we can, including emailing you purchasing suggestions as well as daily and monthly reports.

Essential Services


Expert negotiation

We guarantee better pricing, rebates and payment terms on your primary wholesaler contract. Our team of contract experts knows what to look for and what to ask for, so you get the best contract possible.


Contract review

Product Features

Maximum rebates GUARANTEED

Expert negotation

Inventory management

Quality backup supplier

Performance tracker

Daily reports

Month-end reports

Money-saving recommendations

CII ordering with CSOS Advantage


Maximize purchase
decisions / rebates

Multiple wholesalers compete for your business.

We engage national and regional wholesalers in our negotiating process to address current market trends and conditions. We have even renegotiated your current wholesaler contract with no need to switch.

Buy better with the tools and experts to help.

Personalized data analytics tools track your contract performance, verify pricing, and give you money-saving recommendations on products you’re already purchasing. You’ll also have access to a team of experts. The ProfitGuard experts will assist you with focusing your purchases to maximize the value of your economic arrangement.


Recommendations and reports

We share daily purchasing suggestions based on your history and current trends while ensuring ongoing, meticulous compliance with your primary wholesaler contract. Our goal is to help you maximize rebates and profits. You’ll also receive daily and monthly reports to show you what you’re saving.



Stay up to date and in the know.

In addition to managing your individual contract, we track all industry news and information, edit it for relevance, and then disseminate it to all ProfitGuard members.


Industry news
Top shortages
Drug launches
Articles to improve your business

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