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In 2005, Dr. Rollins’ wife, Jeannine, was diagnosed with breast cancer. During this season, he began to realize that IV hydration therapy, while extremely effective, is often costly and inaccessible. But readily available options like sports drinks are not effective at properly hydrating or replacing vital electrolytes when a patient is not feeling well. By combining his knowledge of IV Hydration therapy and nutritional supplementation, Dr. Rollins set out to create a product that would “bring the IV bag home” to people when they needed it the most. Thus, the idea of the IV in a bottle was born.

The IV in a Bottle

BIOLYTE has the same amount of electrolytes as a 500ml Lactated Ringer (IV bag). It has vitamins and minerals that help combat dehydration, nausea, and fatigue. Plus, our physician formulated liquid supplement helps the liver get rid of toxins and function at peak capacity. All of BIOLYTE’s ingredients work together to help you recover quickly and better faster.