Your Online Review

Having an online presence in today’s world is vital. It’s where the majority of customer journeys start. With a quick Google search or the opening of an app on their…

Billing for Patient Care

Gone are the days when dispensing prescriptions for your patients was your only task. Today, pharmacists are doing a lot more and patient-care services are increasing. Many pharmacies out there…

Your App-Savvy Pharmacy

Keeping up with the times in your independent pharmacy can be a challenge, especially after the pandemic. With added services, fewer employees, and nonstop busyness, you don’t always know where…

Flu Prep

Flu season is back with a vengeance, and it’s been hitting unusually hard this year. While the sniffles, sneezes, and fevers usually begin around October, they arrived about six weeks…

I Screen. You Screen.

An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but routine screens stop the need to intervene. Community pharmacists know this. But do patients know how important routine screenings are…

Patient Aggression

Your pharmacy should feel safe. Not only to your patients, but to you and your staff as well. Unfortunately, patients can get angry, and things can get unruly pretty quickly.…

Your HSA Piggybank

­­­You’re on your toes every second of the day in your independent pharmacy. Your patients come first, with everything else following after, including your own health and coverages. And with…

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